Witch Tripper – ‘I, Of The Storm’ album review

Band: Witch Tripper 
Album: I, Of The Storm
Release Date: 14th April, 2018
Label: Self Released



Review by John

For a band who are among the very best on the live circuit, I always found Witch Tripper’s eponymous debut album to be a little underwhelming. Whilst overall it was a decent offering, it just seemed to be lacking that magic ingredient from their incendiary live shows.
‘I, Of The Storm’ is here to put things right.

Opener ‘White Lines’ (not a Grandmaster Flash cover) sets things rolling nicely with some dirty fuzzed up riffage getting the blood pumping right from the off, with the kind of ferocious energy that one has come to expect from the band. Add in one of the best solos outside of Star Wars and it’s a great way to start.
From this point on, the album just keeps on giving.‘State Of Mind’ crashes in, grabs your attention and refuses to let go, with a down and dirty sleazy rock feel, while title track ‘I, Of The Storm’ sees Witch Tripper unleashing every trick in their arsenal, with a mind melting slab of stoner metal with more than a few classic rock flourishes.

Ever wondered what would happen if Sabbath were to mate with Maiden after being injected with the DNA of Judas Priest? Wonder no more.

There’s no weak link to be found, and stand outs include the laid back southern blues rock sound of ‘Roll The Dice’, the chugging, energetic ‘The Road, It Hurts’ and the softer, more emotive ‘Cut Me Loose’.
Listening to ‘I, Of The Storm’ alongside Witch Tripper’s debut, and it becomes abundantly clear how far the band have come since their debut release. A seeming non stop few years of constant gigging have clearly paid off with an album that finally does justice to an outstanding band, and the album reveals more with each listen.

Let your hair down, grab your favourite beverage and prepare to fling yourself headlong into the storm.
Witch Tripper have something to say. And you really need to sit up and pay attention….




Track Listing:
1. White Lines
2. State Of Mind
3. I, Of The Storm
4. Poonstar
5. Roll The Dice
6. Hell Bound
7. High In The Sun
8. Cut Me Loose
9. The Road, It Hurts


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Get the album here: witchtripperuk.bandcamp.com/album/i-of-the-storm