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When we started Phoenix Rising it was in response to seeing first hand the crappy treatment given to 2nd stage bands at a festival by the media present there.
We decided to make our own site and give the bands a place to be heard.

The “Phoenix” name was chosen by Ritchie, and the “Rising” part was from our desire to help the bands who were rising on the scene.
The response we received was amazing, both from the bands and the fans and we even had the highest form of flattery with imitators. We even ended up with our own radio show!
It has been a great five years and we have loved it, but the time has come to move on…. but we’re not over yet…This “new” site was an idea that formed at a festival, between friends, while under the influence of way too much alcohol (if there is such a thing as way too much alcohol).


We all classify ourselves as “alternative” in some fashion, and we have a wide variety of interests that we wanted to cover and share with the world. This can be anything from music (metal, electro, etc), to video games, board games and even comics and the like!
And that’s what this is… a website dedicated to all things alternative and geeky.
You’ll find news and reviews on a variety of subjects, and maybe even the odd interview if we can actually find poor buggers interested in such things!

Welcome to the new evolution of Phoenix Rising – come and join us here to get Totally Tankered.