We Come From Ashes – ‘Resurrection’ EP review

Band: We Come From Ashes
EP: Resurrection
Release Date: April, 2018
Label: Self Released



Review by John

After triumphantly defining their sound on previous release ‘Undead’, Gloucestershire metallers We Come From Ashes  third EP ‘Resurrection’ is the sound of a band comfortable in their own skin and ready to build on what has gone before.

As the crunching guitars of opener ‘The Evil In Us’ kick in, the band unleash fury on the listener, with the uncompromising snarl of vocalist Jay Mottley blending perfectly with the pseudo hardcore backing. With a mid section change of pace that evokes memories of Will Haven in their prime, it’s a strong opener.

‘Fuelled By Hate’ follows on with a blistering pace like a jackhammer to the skull and an invitation to “bang your fucking neck”.  It’s an invitation you will very quickly RSVP to in the positive as the catchy groove grabs your shoulders and pretty much shakes you until you pay it the attention it deserves. It’s fairly short, but insanely addictive.

Some fine bass work from Matt Sterry introduces us to ‘Lick My Wounds’, which sees some epic riffs from guitarist John Virgo (not that one).  It is here that they get truly down and dirty, with the sound of Lamb Of God playing no holds barred strip poker with Biohazard.  To the death.

Lead single ‘Medusa’ once again opens with Sterry laying down brain melting bass, before the track explodes into a cacophany of hardcore frenzy.  Undoubtedly the strongest track on here, it’s a song that sounds like it will be perfectly suited to the live arena.  As it hammers through the mid section, it is a concoction that is simply screaming out for a full on circle pit.  “Why fuck with my head?” screams Mottley, although by this point, the only thing the listeners head will be doing is banging like crazy.  This is what concussion sounds like.  In a good way.

Proceedings are brought to a close with a spirited cover of Sepultura’s ‘Slave New World’, given an impressive polish in the signature WCFA style.

If they raised the bar on ‘Undead’, We Come From Ashes have pretty much sent it stratospheric with ‘Resurrection’.  This is a band who have found their sound and are ready to make the underground metal scene sit up and take notice.
As releases go, this is less a Resurrection and more of a spectacular coming of age. If you’ve not heard them before, this is an EP that is more than worthy of your attention. If you have heard them before then strap in and enjoy the ride




Track Listing:
1. The Evil In Us
2. Fuelled By Hate
3. Lick My Wounds
4. Medusa
5. Slave New World


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