Torqued – ‘Resurgence’ EP review

Band: Torqued
EP: Resurgence
Release Date: 29th July, 2018
Label: Self Released



Review by John

It’s been a busy year and a bit for Devon metallers Torqued, who now, on the back of some high profile festival appearances and a slight line up change, are ready to unleash their debut EP upon the world.

‘Resurgence’ is a remarkable piece of work that refuses to compromise, drawing the listener in with the atmospheric intro, before launching into a full on burst of angry metallic fury with ‘Forgotten Soul’. A reworking of one of their earlier releases, the newer version shows just how much progress Torqued have made in a short space of time. Dark, brooding and tortured, it’s a track that gives you an early taste of the bands unique sound.
This then segues neatly into second track, ‘Follow Me’. Building on the foundations laid down with ‘Forgotten Soul’, ‘Follow Me’ is bolder, punchier and downright groovier, with some incredible guitar work from new boy Rimmy Sinclair providing an impressive backdrop for Marc Cleave’s twisted vocal delivery.

Drummer Kurt Johnson takes charge to lead us into the more melodic opening of ‘Overload, I Die Inside’, which sees the band expand their sound even further, with some downright filthy Eastern influenced riffs that gradually grow into a groove laden bastard of a song with a touch of Southern Blues rock thrown in for good measure. Possibly the stand out track, it features more variety and originality than many bands manage in an entire career and does a great job of defining just how much promise the band have.
Last up is ‘Hollow Core’, another older track that Torqued have chosen to revisit, as they go all out to ensure that no face is left unmelted. Cranking everything in their arsenal way beyond 11, ‘Hollow Core’ is a pulsating, unrelenting attack upon your senses and leaves you craving more.
Which, in a sense, you do get, with the inclusion of live versions of ‘Overload, I Die Inside’ and ‘Hollow Core’, recorded live in Leicester at the tail end of last year, which provide all the proof you need that Torqued are every bit as impressive live as they are on record.

Flawlessly produced and insanely addictive, ‘Resurgence’ is the work of a band who have spent time polishing their sound to damn near perfection.
The razor sharp calling card of a band you’ll be hearing a lot of in the coming months.

Don’t miss out. Join the Resurgence.




Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Forgotten Soul
3. Follow Me
4. Overload, I Die Inside
5. Hollow Core
6. Overload, I Die Inside (Live Bonus Track)
7. Hollow Core (Live Bonus Track)


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