Torous – ‘Mindfield’ album review

Band: Torous
Album: Mindfield
Release Date: 12th May, 2017
Label: Holier Than Thou Records



Review by John

It’s always a pleasure when something comes along from left field and leaves you not only blown away, but also wondering exactly how you can describe it. And that’s very much the case with ‘Mindfield’,  the new album from Midlands rockers Torous.  Beautifully blending ethereal folk with some balls to the wall hard rock, ‘Mindfield’ is an album that sounds like nothing else released so far this year.

From the moment the haunting sound of opener ‘Sideline’ fades into the Celtic tinged rocker ‘Frontline’, the listener is given no choice but to sit up and take notice.  ‘Frontline’ is a folksy rocker with some interesting almost prog rock undertones, and features some addictive riffs which provide a perfect balance with the gloriously melodic vocals of vocalist Marc Malone.
‘I Am’ is a heavier number, but loses none of the immersive atmosphere of ‘Sideline’.  With a chilled out mid section to counterpoint the general all out rock fury, it’s an early highlight that keeps things ticking along nicely. And ticking along nicely is exactly what ‘Mindfield’ does over the course of its fourteen tracks.

‘Colours’ is a graceful, laid back rock number which again brings a few prog rock tricks into play, none more so than on Malone’s twisting guitar solo, while the ambitious instrumental ‘Seven’ begins with a crunching, almost nu-metal feel, before evolving into a glorious blues rock masterpiece.
There is nothing on ‘Mindfield’ that feels rushed or could be classed as filler, and there’s plenty of variety.
Ever wondered what the result of an experiment to splice the DNA of Iron Maiden and Clannad would sound like?  If you have, then firstly, why?  And secondly, ‘Shipped Away’ could well have all the answers for you.
Title track ‘Mindfield’ digs itself deep with another solid cut of Maiden do folk, the heavy as Hell ‘Crow Road’ is a pounding assault on the senses, while album closer ‘God Game Suicide’ goes all out to get under the listener’s skin, and leave them in no doubt as to how much potential lies ahead of Torous.

Delivering on pretty much every front, ‘Mindfield’ is a pagan rock masterpiece and, with a sound that is hard to put into words, serves to mark Torous firmly as ones to watch.An exceptional release that is likely to be troubling a few Best Of lists come the end of the year.




Track Listing:
01. Sideline
02. Frontline
03. I Am
04. Colours
05. Playing Human
06. Close My Eye
07. Seven
08. Shipped Away
09. Nine
10. Shadow Self
11. Crow Road
12. Feed The Fire
13. Mindfield
14. God Game Suicide



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