Titan Breed – ‘Edge of the World’ EP review

Band: Titan Breed 
EP: Edge of the World
Release Date: 14th April, 2017
Label: Self Released



Review by Neil

This is another one of those bands that I’d never heard of, until they popped up on our review list. After listening to the video for ‘Everytime’ they’d posted, I decided this EP was mine.
Titan Breed describe themselves as a Metal band, drawing inspiration from bands like Pantera and Sabbath, which clearly shows in their music. The entire EP has a mix of clean and growling vocals, and it’s nice to hear that the growling is actually pretty easy to understand! That’s a good example of the Pantera influence at work .

Kicking things off is ‘Warsteiner’ with it’s bass-heavy intro that very much reminds me of old-school Korn. I also noticed this seems to be the only song on the EP with no guitar solo, an odd choice that actually works very well.
Following on from that is ‘Everytime’, which also happens to be the official single for this release. Heavy guitars and pounding drums kick off the song, though I note there is much less emphasis on the bass line compared to the previous offering. A fairly slow-paced solo is present, but it’s technically very complex and adds a fantastic sound to the track.
Things change up a little with ‘Be My Saviour’ which actually reminds me of a song you’d find on an AOR album over a metal one. Most of the vocals are clean-sounding rather than growly. About halfway through the track, the music seems to take on an “otherworldly” feel and the track becomes heavier, but it is blended exceptionally well.

‘The Undiscovered’ is our fourth song on the EP, bringing with it another bass-heavy rhythm and clean vocal style. We’re back to sounding like Korn once more, which I have no problem with in the slightest. The growling vocals seem to have taken a back seat in this offering, but they compliment the clean vocals amazingly well. The second half of the song is much heavier in terms of rhythm and bass lines, but this is absolutely perfect for some old fashioned head bobbing.
Finishing off the EP is ‘Descend Into Isolation’, which kicks you straight in the balls with a technically complex guitar rhythm and a clean vocal style. However, unlike the previous two songs, the two singers trade off on the verses and compliment each other perfectly during the chorus. It’s an amazing blend of melody and heavy riffs to top off the EP.

Overall, I really enjoyed this offering. There’s an amazing blend of clean and growling lyrics to keep both sides of the fence happy. I really enjoy the songs with heavy bass lines and it’s very clear what musical styles the band are trying to implement.
In short, this is an EP that will treat your ears gently and with care one moment, then blow your ear drums out and remind you this is metal in a raw form. It takes no prisoners, makes no apologies and expects you to like it… which I really did.
Can’t wait to see what Titan Breed have for us in the form of an album!




Track Listing:
1. Warsteiner
2. Everytime
3. Be My Saviour
4. The Undiscovered
5. Descend in Isolation



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