The Mighty Wraith – ‘Outcast’ EP review

Band: The Mighty Wraith
EP: Outcast
Release Date: 10th March, 2017
Label: Self Released




Review by John


From the moment the insanely catchy opening riff to ‘Omniscience’ kicks in, it’s clear that Birmingham metallers The Mighty Wraith have only one intention.  Delivering full force metal straight to your ears. When the almost soulful vocals of frontman Matt Gore join the party ‘Omniscience’ burrows its way into your head as it becomes a harmonic metal delight.  With a haunting solo from guitarist Azza Potter thrown in for good measure, this 4 track EP is off to a strong start.
As ‘Omniscience’ fades out, title track ‘Outcast’ begins with some more crunchy riffing, With a slightly faster pace than the opener, and some deliciously evil backing vocals from bassist Chris Musgrove, there are shades of Maiden at their very best.  With a singalong mid section, which is sure to be accompanied by fists high in the air when played live, and some more fine guitar work, ‘Outcast’ is a tune that leaves its imprint deep in your mind.

“Repent Ye Sinners To Save Your Souls” preaches Gore at the start of penultimate track ‘End Of Time’. With the classic metal influences again worn proudly on sleeves, ‘End Of Time’  gives bassist Musgrove a chance to showcase his talents, before more epic guitar solos are unleashed upon the listener.
Final track ‘Hollow Within’ adopts the same formula of gargantuan riffs and melodic metal vocals as before, while brining the powerful drumming of Andrew Kirby more into the mix to craft a heady brew of almost power metal proportions that you just can’t help but bang your head along to. A fine way to bring things to a close.

With a running time of just over twenty minutes (the shortest song clock in at five and a half minutes long), the quality never dips at any point, and there is plenty of value for money here. What The Mighty Wraith have delivered here is pure, unadulterated metal.  No gimmicks, no bullshit.  Just four people coming together and cranking out some top quality headbanging, fist pumping tunes.
Metal the way it should be.




Track Listing:
1. Omniscience
2. Outcast
3. End Of Time
4. Hollow Within

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