The Idol Dead – ‘Tension & Release’ album review

Band: The Idol Dead
Album: Tension & Release
Release Date: 5th August, 2017
Label: Raaa! Records



Review by John


Described during their successful pledge campaign as “The Difficult Fourth Album”, there’s a lot to like on the new release from rockers The Idol Dead.
Opener ‘Happy Now?’ is a poppy litle number which chugs along initially, before exploding into life for a glorious chorus that needs to be sung along too.  With some heavier touches towards then end, the listener is drawn in right from the start.
And this sets the tone for the album as a whole. Over the course of 11 track, the heady blend of balls to the wall sleazy rock with a harder punk edge is undeniably infectious. As frontman Polly Phluid pours his soul into tracks such as ‘Heart On Sleeve’, a song that just oozes pure emotion, or the catchy rocker ‘Black Dog Down’, it’s clear to see that the album has been a real labour of love.

Standouts include the punkier sounding ‘Parasite’, complete with crunchy riffs and just the right amount of cowbell, the all out rock sound of ‘Clear Lines’, which contains more sneering attitude than the annual AGM of the surly teenagers society and the ambient pop punker ‘Samsara’, a tune that brings back happy memories of standing in dingy rooms back in the day watching the likes of 3 Colours Red do their thing.
There is also, in album closer ‘Sympathy Bullet’ the requisite ballad.  But The Idol Dead manage to steer clear of the potential cliches and deliver an emotionally charged track that tugs at the heartstrings and is a perfectly judged album closer that makes you want to raise your lighter high in the air and ride the waves of its haunting melody, before finishing on an upbeat singalong.

Whether or not the album was as difficult as the pledge campaign claims is unknown.  What is known is that The Idol Dead have delivered the perfect soundtrack of down and dirty rock to accompany those long summer nights of partying. If you didn’t get involved at pledge level, be sure to not miss out now.
Avoid the tension and release your inner rocker.  The Idol Dead are back and sounding better than ever.




Track Listing:
01. Happy Now?
02. Black Dog Down
03. Blackout Girl
04. Heart On Sleeve
05. Let’s Go
06. Clear Lines
07. Infected
08. Parasite
09. C.H.I.M.S.A
10. Samsara
11. Sympathy Bullet

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