The Face Of Ruin – ‘The Face Of Ruin’ EP review

Band: The Face Of Ruin
EP: The Face Of Ruin
Release Date: 27th October, 2017
Label: Self Released



Review by John

After subjecting the world of culture to William Shakespeare, the bane of many an English schoolchild, Warwickshire has a lot of making up to do.  And now, three years after their formation, ‘The Face Of Ruin’ are finally launching their debut EP, with the reputation of a county at stake.

‘Murderer’s Lair’ gets things underway, and from the off is a well crafted slab of brutally melodic technical death metal.  With a whirlwind of guitars, furious blast beats and rasping, dirty vocals (with a nasty, sludgy growl thrown in for good measure), it has a central hook that burrows into your head and makes itself at home.
The opening of ‘Beyond Life’ introduces a bouncier, more groove metal style,  and it flies along at a well judged pace.  With some intricate guitar work bringing a softer edge in places, the track finds a decent balance between breakneck riffs and catchy melody, and marks itself out as the undoubted highlight of the EP.
Things finish on another high with the uncompromising sound of ‘Return To Her’, a track that goes straight for the jugular in a maelstrom of incendiary riffs which are blended perfectly with vocals that ooze pure evil from frontman Alex Mumford. Add in a mid song breakdown that explodes into uncontrolled fury, almost inviting the listener to give in to their own insanity, it caps off an impressive debut.

Whilst The Face Of Ruin aren’t doing anything new, and wear their influences proudly on their collective sleeves, what they do they do with a real sense of exuberance and passion which demands that you sit up and take notice, and more than makes up for those hours spent in a classroom studying Antony And Cleopatra when I wanted to be at home listening to stuff like this.

To be or not to be purchased?  Without a doubt, it is most definitely the former.




Track Listing:
1. Murderer’s Lair
2. Beyond Life
3. Return To Her


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