The Black Dahlia Murder – ‘Nightbringers’ album review

Band: The Black Dahlia Murder
Album: Nightbringers
Release Date: 6th October, 2017
Label: Metal Blade



Review by Sean

This right here, ladies and germs, is a fine example of leaving the fans wanting more. From the off it pulls you in, and when it’s done you’re left wondering how nine tracks can feel like four. Honestly, when the final moments of the album were done I had to check my clock, and was dumbfounded. The entire album zips by at warp speed, and honestly, this could have been a double album and it still wouldn’t have been enough. But enough smoke blowing, let’s get into it.

So, what we have is the latest offering from one of America’s finest bands, The Black Dahlia Murder. The album is ‘Nightbringers’, but you knew that already when you clicked on this review. What you came here for, was to see if it was any good or not. Ohhh, it is good.

Right from the start we have this weird sounding effect backed by a heavy thud that seems to draw you in, like a call to arms, building into the start of the album proper, and before too long, the whole band has arrived to lay waste to your ear holes. Indeed, ‘Widowmaker’ is an excellent example of how to start off an album. It starts by drawing you in, then right at the moment when it’s too late to stop, it kicks your face in with brute force.It also continues right on into the epically titled, ‘Of God and Serpent, Of Spectre and Snake’, the new song carrying on right where the last one left off,flowing perfectly into one another. Also, as will become plainly obvious, there is very little change in what music you hear. I’m not knocking that, because I fucking love me some Death Metal now and then, and when I love it, I really go all out for it. This is a phenomenal album, there’s just not much change in pace or sound.

Regardless, we march on into the meat of the album, song after song coming at you with unrelenting pace. (Had the chance to make a Skyrim joke, passed on it. I did think of it though!) In fact, ‘Matriarch’ seems to be over right as it starts, and following track, and also title track, ‘Nightbringers’, seems to bring the biggest noticeable change in that it plays a little slower than the other tracks, but it’s still fast, heavy,and brutal. It’s definitely one of my favourite tracks on a heavily stacked album.Amazingly, we’re at the halfway point of the album, and it genuinely feels like we’re only a few minutes in. It’s rare that a band can do this, yet these guys have managed it. ‘Jars’ kicks off the midway point and leads us nicely into the second half of the album, but it doesn’t give us any chance for a rest or intermission. It just keeps battering your senses, and honestly, if you’re not headbanging and windmilling by now, there is no hope for you.

‘Kings of the Nightworld’ might well be my favourite song on the album. From its sinister sounding opening through to the intricate and melodious but still heavy as fuck guitar work throughout, it’s truly one of the finer songs you’ll hear this year. I think most of the damage this album did to my neck came from right here, and when you hear it you’ll understand why. It’s fucking mind-blowing. Amazing, isn’t it? You wait all album (not really, but go with me here) for a favourite track, then two pop up at once. This one is, ‘Catacomb Hecatomb’, (try saying that five times fast when you’re half-cut) and has some of the most melodic moments on the entire album contained within it. Again, it’s still heavy as fuck, but I do love a good melodic part to a song, so I can’t help but love this one as well. Especially as the majority of the second half of the song is given to the more melodic sound. Massive props to the guitars here.

From there, we move to the final couple of tracks on the album. I’m not linking them in one paragraph because of any weak songs, merely because I’m trying to keep my word count a bit tighter, but suffice it to say, ‘As Good As Dead’, and, ‘The Lonely Deceased’ are excellent as album closers. Particularly AGAD. It’s another pick for a favourite, and when you hear it, you’ll understand why. As for TLD, it’s by far the longest track on the album, clocking in at just over five minutes long, but, again, it won’t feel like five minutes.

Indeed, if you know the band, you’ll know what you’re in for, and, like me, I think you’ll love it. Even if you don’t know the band but know the genre, I reckon you’ll be well on board with this. It’s one of the finest releases of the year, and it doesn’t have a single weak song on it. Buy it. Today.




Track Listing:
1. Widowmaker
2. Of God and Serpent, Of Spectre and Snake
3. Matriarch
4. Nightbringers
5. Jars
6. Kings of the Nightworld
7. Catacomb Hecatomb
8. As Good as Dead
9. The Lonely Deceased



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