Temple Of Lies – ‘The Serial Killer Suite’ album review

Band: Temple Of Lies
Album: The Serial Killer Suite
Release Date: 1st July, 2017
Label: Attic Records




Review by John

As a maniacal laugh welcomes us to the show on ‘Epic Doom’, Leicestershire four piece Temple Of Lies are taking no prisoners on this, their third album.
“This is what you came to see, a man that’s lost all self control” is the haunting refrain as vocalist Si Shaw not so much sings as preaches to you. And, as he screams relentlessly into your ears, you can almost believe that it’s true. With a pounding stoner groove as the backdrop, things are off to a promising start.

There’s a slightly more traditional style to ‘Illusion Of Choice’ with Shaw choosing this time to harmonise rather than grabbing us by the lapel and shouting in our faces, and it works to good effect as the track chugs rapidly along, with a brain numbingly catchy bassline holding the whole thing together. There’s a genuine groove feel, and you instinctively feel your feet tapping along.
Bassist Jags gets ‘Broken Mind’ underway, before Jon Scranney joins the fray with some fuzzed up guitar, before the whole track starts to bounce around the 1 minute mark. Shaw’s slightly tortured vocals shine through here, and there’s a real down and dirty feel.
There’s a grungier edge to ‘Modus Operandi’, with a more haunting vocal style reminiscent of Alice In Chains in their more reflective moments, while ‘Skin’ is an all out groove rock belter.
The grunge feel returns on ‘I Cut You Bleed’ with Facelift era Alice In Chains being the nearest comparison. A fine blend of the atmospheric and the downright heavy, it’s one of the better songs on the album, with a real retro feel to it.

‘Dark Energy’ employs a slower, more haunting pace, and sees Shaw return to the almost rap-like vocal style of ‘Epic Doom’. Crunchy and bouncy as hell, it keeps things ticking nicely along.
Next up is ‘Teeth’, a groove laden slice of fried gold that plays out like Kyuss having a snowball fight with mid era Cathedral, while ‘Face of Grey’ has a more straightforward classic rock feel to it, with Shaw’s voice sounding like it has been perfectly crafted on a diet of Captan Full Strength and Jack Daniels.
Drummer Alex Gamble is accompanied by eerie church bells on the intro to ‘Symbiotic Parasite’, a twisting, crunching track that eventually settles on another Cathedral-esque groove.
Album closer ‘Nihilist Dreams’, as the title may suggest, is not the cheeriest of ways to finish an album. “I don’t like what we have become, can you help me” pleads Shaw, before the track explodes into life . Featuring a memorable solo from Scranney, it’s a desolate anthem and an interesting way to finish.

With some good variety over the albums 12 tracks, ‘The Serial Killer Suite’ comes highly recommended. If you like your stoner rock sprinkled with lavish amounts of balls out groove, then this could well be the droid that you’re looking for.




Track Listing:
01. Epic Doom
02. Illusion Of Choice
03. Broken Mind
04. Modus Operandi
05. Skin
06. I Cut You Bleed
07. Sleep
08. Dark Energy
09. Teeth
10. Face Of Grey
11. Symbiotic Parasite
12. Nihilistic Dreams

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