Target: Renegades – ‘Gallows Humour’ EP review

Band: Target: Renegades
EP: Gallows Humour
Release Date: Early December, 2016
Label: Self Released



Review by John

It seems an age since North West based anger merchants Target: Renegades released their previous EP, ‘Dark Sounds’.  Expanding on the sound developed on their debut, it was a more than solid offering, and one of last year’s highlights. So just how do a band go about following up one of the best releases of 2015?
With a bit of ‘Gallows Humour’.

The intro to ‘Jump Overboard’ has a feel of Led Zeppelin at their bluesy best, before morphing into something more akin to the hard rock sound the band developed on ‘Dark Sounds’.   This toe-tapping concoction serves to highlight the emotive strength of frontman Adam Hulse’s haunting vocal style, whilst the production gives every member of the band a chance to shine, with some fine bass work from Jack Hamnett being a particular highlight.  Melodic and brooding, yet still undeniably heavy in its own unique way, it gets proceedings off to a promising start.As the bass heavy intro gives way to some frantic riffage,
‘A Curse Ensues’ has a more old school grungey feel to it. Underpinned by the band’s rhythm section, guitarist Daniel Fido really gets to showcase his talents here.  Raw and powerful, it keeps things ticking along nicely and gives Hulse further opportunity to show just how good his vocal range is.

Having been part of the band’s live set for a while now, ‘I Concede’ sounds instantly familiar.  The intro allows drummer Matthew Reid to come into his own,  and, after an almost melancholic opening, the track bursts into life with a breakdown meatier than a triple bacon cheeseburger laced with new five pound notes.  Special mention to the production here, as it perfectly captures the bands live sound.
The band rediscover their groove on closer ‘This Isn’t Revenge’, a lively portion of bouncy rock goodness.  Imagine, if you will, the missing link between Incubus’ early work and the more stadium friendly sound of their later career, and you’ll not be a million miles away.  With its eerie ending, it rounds ‘Gallows Humour’ off nicely.

Following ‘Dark Sounds’ was always going to be a big ask, but with ‘Gallows Humour’, Target: Renegades have further moulded their sound to produce another perfectly crafted offering. Target: Renegades have always been a difficult band to pigeonhole into one particular genre, and this is not going to change that.  So rather than asking the usual tired questions about ‘who they sound like’, go check them out for yourself, and discover just what you’ve been missing.
Raw, emotional and brutal, ‘Gallows Humour’ can stand tall amongst the best releases of 2016.




Track Listing:
1. Jump Overboard
2. A Curse Ensues
3. I Concede
4. This Isn’t Revenge

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