Subject 7 – Grand Central, Manchester, September 9th 2011

Subject 7
Grand Central, Manchester

Review by Ritchie-James Braidwood
Subject-7 hit the stage at 11pm and kick straight into their first song of the night ‘That Will Be The Day’ which will be on there debut album ‘Seven Rising’ which is due out soon.
There is a good turn out this evening and the crowd are really enjoying the new tracks that Subject-7 are displaying. These guys have come a long way since their first EP release a year ago.
As we go in to another 2 tracks from the upcoming album the crowd really let loose and head bang along to the tracks. As we go in to ‘Ninjitsu’ the fans that have seen Subject-7 before cheer and even if they were a bit unsure of a Chuck Norris joke to use they still pulled it off and from the reception went down well from all in attendance.
As they announce their last track of the evening ‘No Fate’ I couldn’t help but feel that it was way too short but I know they will be back again soon.
On the whole this was an excellent set even if it was very short and I am sure they will continue to grow as a band.
Set List:That Will Be The Day
The Rising
Back From The Dead
No Fate