Spreading the Disease – ‘Insurrection’ album review

Band: Spreading the Disease
Album: Insurrection
Release Date: 31st October, 2017
Label: Self Released



Review by Sean

I had to look back at my notes when I was told I’d previously reviewed these guys, and how funny that I was offered the chance to review their EP (fucking blinder, BTW, go listen, and look at my review of it while you do), I was in a similar mood to how I am now. They say life is cyclical, and, well, I’m inclined to agree. For a lot more than just the point I raised above, but it fits what I’m trying to say, so fuck it.

Suffice to say, anger merchants Spreading the Disease (STD for short – how fun) are back with a full album to infect us all with, and fuck me it’s a blinder. As full of rage as they were back with their EP release, they continue to forge a path through metal that no one seems to be paying attention to.
The first thing that stood out to me, before even listening to the album, is that there’s a track on here called ‘Brexit Wounds’, which made me laugh, imagining just what they’d have to say about what is quite a sore subject for many a person. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
The album. It kicks off as you’d expect, vitriolic and full of fire with opener ‘Find My Path’. Self titled track ‘Spreading the Disease’ continues this feeling. Powerful, angry, though there’s a little bit of a punk edge with the vocals here. More shouted and sung than screamed and growled. It’s… odd, but weirdly I still love it. In fact it could well be my favourite on the album, simply because of how it shows just how well the band can merge their sound with differing styles of music.
‘Greed’ is a song STD did a music video for, so I guess you could call it a single, though I can’t see it getting much airplay nationally on big stations, which is a massive shame, because it’s fucking great, and honestly, is just the sort of song places like the Beeb need to fucking hear.
This is followed by ‘Save Me’, and honestly, it’s this full album that made me love the band. In a previous review I mentioned about not liking it when bands try to convey a message that they believe in through their music, and maybe it’s just when I’m not a fan of that particular message, but I’m loving what STD are putting down here. Anarchic, in mind of what punk is supposed to stand for. It ticks my boxes alright.
Another shout out to ‘Can’t Let Go’, which is what I’m gonna go ahead and call a song that sounds similar to those “soft” ones that Slipknot do. Listen to it, hear those vocals, you’ll know JUST what I mean by it. Still a good song, just odd to hear it when it’s surrounded by everything else on here. From there though, it’s pretty much as you were, as the album comes to a close with the final two tracks, one of which is the aforementioned ‘Brexit Wounds’. This isn’t the time for politics, because it’s a fucking album review, so I’ll not say much about it, you can listen for yourself.

On the whole though, this was an album I loved. It really did help with my overall mood, and I’ll be damned if I’m missing this lot if they’re ever in my neck of the woods. Mark my words.




Track Listing:
01. Find My Path
02. Words Unspoken
03. Dischord
04. Spreading the Disease
05. Greed
06. Save Me
07. Whores of War
08. Method to my Madness
09. Can’t Let Go
10. Brexit Wounds
11. Last Goodbye



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