Seven Hells – ‘Prologue’ EP review

Band: Seven Hells
EP: Prologue
Release Date: 3rd August, 2018
Label: Self Released



Review by John

I first came across Leicestershire’s Seven Hells when they opened proceedings on the Friday night of Uprising last year. While they were perfectly good at what they did, they didn’t really do anything to stand out in an already overcrowded field.
Fast forward just over a year and, with new vocalist Marc Cross (formerly of Children Lost In Time), the band are preparing to release their first EP as they countdown to an appearance on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock.

It’s fair to say that, on hearing ‘Prologue’, Seven Hells are a band who have taken some big steps since I last came across them.
‘Resist’ kicks things off in style as it serves up a no nonsense mix of pummelling riffs that grind you into submission as Cross unleashes the fury in his snarled delivery. Things are certainly off to a good start.
‘Broken Bones’ begins by easing the listener in with its melodic opening, before bursting into life in a flurry of aggressive riffing and epic breakdowns that are guaranteed to give your neck muscles a solid workout.
Next up is ‘We Will Rise’, which, of the four tracks on the EP, is probably the weakest. That’s not taking anything away from the track itself, it’s just that, for me, it has a slightly too familiar feel, with an almost “by the book” approach, especially in the overly melodic choruses.
But if ‘We Will Rise’ left me feeling a little empty, then closing track ‘The Prophet’ more than makes up for it. Jam packed with invention, it sees the band brimming with energy and invention, with guitarists Simon Crofts and Dan Nelson throwing in riff after pulsating riff and a solo so tasty that, if it was a flavour of Pringles it would probably be banned, while Cross unleashes his innner demons in a cacophony of intense emotion.
As it (and the EP) fades out, ‘The Prophet’ more than fulfils my “always finish on a high” rule.

Sounding like a completely different entity from the band I saw last year, Seven Hells have the potential to make some big noises.
If you get the chance, catch them at Bloodstock. If not, at the very least you need to be picking up a copy of’Prologue’.
An exciting opening chapter in what promises to be an interesting tale.




Track Listing:
1. Resist
2. Broken Bones
3. We Will Rise
4. The Prophet


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