Septic Tank – ‘Rotting Civilisation’ album review

Band: Septic Tank
Album: Rotting Civilisation
Release Date: 13th April, 2018
Label: Rise Above Records



Review by John

Formed over 20 years ago by (at the time) Cathedral duo Lee Dorrian and Gary Jennings, Septic Tank’s debut album has seemingly been a long time coming.
Luckily, the wait has been worth it.

Having more in common musically with Dorrian’s tenure in Napalm Death than it does with his doomier offerings, ‘Rotting Civilisation’ features 18 tracks of unadulterated, in your face hardcore punk, as it sneers in your direction and spits in the face of modern society.
The tracks are fast, frantic and laden with attitude, as becomes immediately obvious on the almost obnoxious sound of opener ‘Septic Tank’ which lays out the noise laden blueprint for the album.

And bring the noise they do, whether it be on the faceripping sound of tracks such as the politically charged ‘Whitewash’, which takes aim squarely at the almost fascist like behaviour of sections of the antifa movement, the all out aggressive fury of  ‘You Want Some’ (a track that pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin), the supercharged speed freak sound of ‘Walking Asylum’ or the song that perhaps sums everything up – the never more aptly titled ‘Fucked’.

Penultimate track ‘Living Death’ is the closest we get to classic Cathedral territory as the band throw a huge dollop of stoner like groove into the furious mix, and this filters through into the insanely catchy closer ‘Rotten Empire’, which sees the album finish in an insane burst of crossover genius.

With no obvious weak link, ‘Rotting Civilisation’ is the angry, anti establishment sound for the Angry Birds generation. Evoking memories of the likes of The Exploited and Discharge, this is hardcore punk with a Dorrian polish, and probably unlike anything else you’ll hear this year.
Damn near essential.




Track Listing:
01. Septic Tank
02. Who
03. Victimised
04. Social Media Whore
05. Divide and Conk Out
06. Treasurers of Disease
07. Fucked
08. Whitewash
09. Death Vase
10. You Want Some
11. Digging Your Own Grave
12. Danger Signs
13. Walking Asylum
14. Lost Humanity
15. Never Never Land
16. Self-Obsessed
17. Living Death
18. Rotten Empire


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