Seprevation – ‘Echoes Of Mercy’ EP review

Band: Seprevation
EP: Echoes Of Mercy
Release Date: 25th August, 2017
Label: Self Released



Review by John

Has it really been three years since Bristol thrashers Seprevation unleashed their outstanding full length debut ‘Consumed’ onto an eagerly expectant metal scene?
Well, they are finally back with new EP ‘Echoes Of Mercy’.  But can the band live up to their early promise?
In a nutshell, yes!

Opener ‘Slaughterous’ is a refreshingly old school thrasher, with plenty of borderline death metal elements thrown into the mix for good measure.  Flying along at breakneck pace, crunching riffs look you straight in the eye and challenge you to try and resist banging your head.  It’s a challenge you’ll lose. With touches of the likes of classic Morbid Angel, ‘Slaughterous’ is a good indication of how well the band have spent the time between releases.

The high quality is maintained as ‘A Fate Between The Flesh’ opens with a more technical sound, before kicking into a full on aural assault.  Perhaps not quite as immediately accessible as ‘Slaughterous’, ‘Fate’ really finds its feet midway through, as the band throw a touch of groove into the mix, before going all out death metal for the finale.

‘The Death Ethos’ begins at a slightly slower tempo, but soon puts its foot firmly on the accelerator and fires things up. Brilliantly crafted and with a memorable solo, ‘The Death Ethos’ refines the overall sound to good effect.

Finally, we come to title track ‘Echoes Of Mercy’, possibly the most gloriously, unashamedly old school track here. Turning everything up to 11, ‘Echoes Of Mercy’ is, quite simply a borderline masterpiece. When the band slow things down midway through,you are transported back to the heyday of thrash, and realise that this wouldn’t sound out of place on an album by many of the big names.  Unrelenting in its brutality, the only thought as it comes to an abrupt and fitting end is to start listening to it all over again.

Seprevation manage in just over 15 minutes to achieve what many bands can’t do in an entire career.
Sounding familiar yet at the same time fresh and exciting, ‘Echoes Of Mercy’ builds on their early work and is a grand statement from a band who deserve to take the next big step forward in their career.

If you’ve heard Seprevation before, you need to buy this EP right away.  If you haven’t, then you need to buy this EP straight away.
This is a band you will be hearing a lot of in the coming years.

Oh, and it’s available on cassette too – it doesn’t get more old school than that!





Track Listing:
1. Slaughterous
2. A Fate Between The Flesh
3. The Death Ethos
4. Echoes Of Mercy


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