Seed of Sorrow – ‘World Impaled’ EP review

Band: Seed of Sorrow
EP: World Impaled
Release Date: 3rd June, 2017
Label: Holier Than Thou Records



Review by John

Hailing from the Highlands of Scotland, metallers Seed Of Sorrow’s latest EP has just one aim in mind. To bludgeon your senses with some of the best sounding brutal death metalof the last few years.

Opener ‘Baptism Of Fire’ is about as aptly titled as it can get. Fast, heavy and brutally uncompromising, it sees the band set their stall out early on, with brain smashing riffs and snarling, venomous vocals the order of the day.
‘Death Fuck Ritual’ adds a hint of melody to the mix, while at the same time continuing to batter your senses with a full on assault. Throw in an epic mid section breakdown and you have a catchy slab of pure death metal.

By the time ‘Crush Your Enemies’ explodes into life, you become aware of the distinct lack of the usual death metal cliches.  As it eases itself into its own natural groove, you get a sense that, rather than settle for copying what countless other bands are doing, Seed Of Sorrow are carving a niche all of their own.
Things continue apace with the all too brief yet blisteringly angry interlude that is ‘Tearing Me Apart’, before the band go all out to ensure that things end on an ear splitting high with the take no prisoners sound of ‘Disease Ridden Shit Sphere’.

Unusually for a release in this genre, ‘World Impaled’ brings something new to an overcrowded genre, and does a sterling job of standing out from the crowd.

If you like your music heavy and intense, then this is one that you can’t afford to miss.




Track Listing:
1. Baptism Of Fire
2. Death Fuck Ritual
3. Crush Your Enemies
4. Tearing Me Apart
5. Disease Ridden Shit Sphere


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