Ryders Creed plus supports, Liverpool, 10/08/18

Ryders Creed
Lost Sovereign & Savage Outlaw
EBGBs Liverpool 
10th August 2018


I have to confess that I arrived at the venue a bit late due to the Facebook event saying it was an 8pm start. At first I didn’t realise my error because there were a good few people milling about outside, and I don’t mean the usual smokers crowd.
It was only upon hearing the comments from those next to me I found out that there was an interview going on with a local club DJ – this was actually being done for ‘The Spoken Metal Show’.
For the show, and for locals this may have been quite interesting, but judging by the comments, some out-of-towners found it boring, and even awkward.


The first band up were Savage Outlaw, a band I have seen many times in the past but not since they returned from their lengthy hiatus. With a change of guitarist and over a year of not gigging, I was interested to see just how they were doing.
And the answer to that is that they are doing bloody great, thank you very much.

With the same hard rocking sound they are known for, the band was straight into things and the audience immediately perked up. The original crew of Stu (vocals), Mark (guitar), Ian (bass) and JD (drums) is joined by their newest member, guitarist Josh who fit in as though he had been there all along.
Issues with the sound were annoying, but the band took it in their stride and proceeded to entertain the crowd with their mix of Hard and Southern Rock
The cover of BSCs ‘Blame it on the Boom Boom’ had people dancing away, which continued throughout their own songs as well.
Finishing with the gloriously sing-along-able ‘Heartbreakers and Hellraisers’, it was sadly too short of a set.
Savage Outlaw are back, and you’d better sit up and take notice!


By comparison the next band up is rather new to the local scene, however those in it are not. Featuring former members of Rain May Fall and Twelve Gauge, Lost Sovereign take the stage.
Again sound issues marred the start of the set, and singer Mark appeared uneasy throughout the set, frequently stepping to the side of the stage. However guitarist Ian, sporting a woolly Viking hat, was totally at ease as with eyes closed, he poured himself into the riffs.
Joining Mark (vocals), Ian (guitar), John (guitar) and Jon (bass) was stand -in drummer Stu Barker of Scare Tactics fame, because apparently their usual drummer “is a part timer”. And he filled in very well, apart from one song which required a restart of a song when he fluffed his entrance. However this was laughed away by his band mates and joked about, allowing the crowd to have a laugh also. A shout of “Go ‘ead girls” encouraged the band onwards into a version of a former Rain May Fall track ‘Fade Out’, which having heard the song before soundly strangely odd without the harmonies.
A cover of Corrosion of Conformity’s ‘Albatross’ was a definite crowd favourite, with lots of heads bobbing along to it. And the rest of the set was thankfully mishap free, even when Ian started to play his guitar behind his head.
Early days for the band and not to take anything away from them but sadly their heavier style did not work well to follow Savage Outlaw, so a different billing may help them.


From the moment Ryder’s Creed took the stage it was obvious once again what a strange choice it was to have Lost Sovereign perform alongside them and Savage Outlaw.
But the first question was “where did all those people come from?”
As the music started the room seemed to fill with figures from the shadows, summoned towards the small stage where the band are about to begin.
As a group Ryan (vocals), Lee (guitar), Myles (guitar), Richard (bass) and Lee (drums) can only be described as mismatched, with their own individual styles clearly showing. However once they began to play it became obvious that they are perfectly matched in the band.
Right from the start the energy seemed to pour from the stage, and the band launch straight into their first song.
Sadly with no seating in the room, and with a rather enthusiastic crowd, I was forced to retreat to the seating area where there is no view of the stage. So this part of the review is going to be pretty naff really, and I apologise for that.
But having seen the band several times this year already, I know that the show will have been great for those able to see it.
Once again the venue has sound issues, but the band ploughed through them undaunted, as they performed songs from their self-titled debut album. Recent single ‘Raise the Hoof’, a reference to the bands sponsorship by Cloven Hoof Rum made for great crowd involvement, and the anthemic ‘Ryder’ had everyone singing along.
Unfortunately Ryan seemed to be having some issues with his voice, struggling with some of the songs, however the result was still an amazingly good show which left the audience clearly wanting more.
If you can get to see this band at a venue near you then do so – they won’t be staying on these small stages for very long.

Review by Hez