Reaper – Birth Of Chaos

Band: Reaper 
Album: Birth Of Chaos
Release Date: May, 2018
Label: Self Released



Review by John

Over the last few years, it’s fair to say that thrash has been undergoing something of a resurgence, and, while it may have been a long time coming, the debut album from Merseyside metalers Reaper is here to prove that the genre is stronger than ever.

‘Birth Of Chaos’ is an album that wears its old school influences with pride, opening with an intro that Annihilator would be proud of. And, across the course of the 10 tracks on offer, there is plenty to enjoy.
Twin guitars punctuate ‘Possessor Of Evil’ and frontman Daniel Moran’s snarled vocal delivery is perfectly judged. The track twists and turns over the course of 7 minutes and even throws in a few flourishes straight out of the Iron Maiden playbook. If you’ve not heard the band before, it’s as good an introduction as any.From this point on, Reaper refuse to compromise or revert to cliche as they deliver an album with no weak link.

Among the stand out tracks on offer, ‘The Crypt’ is a full throttle headbanging gem featuring some atmospheric harmonies and a killer solo, while ‘Wings Of Darkness’ has echoes of Megadeth’s ‘High Speed Dirt’, with none of that tracks inherent cheese.
The albums highlight comes in the form of the sci-fi themed ‘Area 51’. Opening with a sample from the classic ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ (the original, not the terrible remake), Moran’s vocals are perfectly suited to the foreboding tone that the lyrics evoke. All of this is married to the catchiest of riffs, while the epic solo provides a good example of the standard of the musicianship on display.
The album finishes in impressive style with the 2 minute instrumental section that closes final track ‘The Way Of Shinobi’, as the band unleash everything in their arsenal to ensure that things go out on an unbelievable high.

If you have even the remotest interest in thrash metal done in the classic style then, quite simply, you need this album. It takes a lot to stand out in an overcrowded genre, but Reaper do exactly that with ease. While it has a comfortingly familiar sound, there are enough fresh ideas on display to reward repeated listens.

Forget the “Big 4”. Reaper are here to provide your recommended daily allowance of thrash. And you’ll feel all the better for it.




Track Listing:
01. Possessor Of Evil
02. Wartorn
03. World At Redemption
04. The Crypt
05. Entropy
06. Wings Of Darkness
07. Checkmate
08. Area 51
09. Sixth Circle Of Hell
10. The Way Of Shinobi


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