PowerQuest, Neonfly & Afterdown – Satan’s Hollow Manchester, May 7th 2011

Power Quest
with Neonfly and Afterdown
Satan’s Hollow, Manchester
Review by Ritchie-James

After a bit of a delay the Afterdown lads come on stage and hit right in to their tune Lies which shows exactly what they’re all about. These guys were amazing with tunes that reminded a lot of Metallica you can hear the influences in each track playing a combination of stuff from there already released album and EP to stuff from there up and coming album which they said will be out later this year.
By the end of the set the crowd were fully behind Afterdown cheering them on and even booing when they said that they were about to play their last song of the night but with a tune like What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger it’s the perfect way to end what was an amazing set these guys are definitely one of the best secrets kept in Manchester.
Set List:

Girls Got Class
Born To Lose
Devil Inside
Brothers In Arms


Neonfly come on stage full of energy blasting right into their first song Broken Wings. With amazing guitars and brilliant vocals these guys show us how its done. With a style that’s a cross between AOR and Power Metal (I know weird right) they have the crowd hanging on every note with singer Willie Norton getting the crowd to join in even if that included him jumping on the balustrade in front of us and swinging off the lights. These guys played an amazing set although it was to short all I can say is I look forward to their album release later this year.
Set List:Broken Wings
The Enemy
Ship With No Sails
The Messenger
A Gift To Remember
Spitting Blood
The Revenant
Morning Star
I Think I Saw a UFO

Power Quest
After seeing Power Quest do such an amazing show at Hammerfest I was looking forward to this headline show and can safely say it was well worth the wait. After the intro music finished the band came on playing their instrumental start to the Blood Alliance album and the crowd went crazy for it cheering and clapping each band member.
Playing a combination of new and old songs and having the crowd singing lines from the classic tracks like Human Machine and Find My Heaven kept the crowd going all the way through. Chity really did show why he is the new singer bringing new dimensions to classic Power Quest songs and blasting out his own from Blood Alliance taking Power Quest to a whole new level and promising even better things to come.
Over all this was an amazing concert and ended on a high playing the classic Glory Tonight if there was anything negative to take away is that it left me wanting more and was just to short but as that’s the only negative it shows what an excellent gig this was and I can not wait to see what the future holds.
Set List:
1.       Battle Stations
2.       Rising Anew
3.       Human Machine
4.       Sacrifice
5.       Find My Heaven
6.       Crunching The Numbers
7.       Power Quest (Part 1)
8.       Better Days
9.       Survive
10.     Blood Alliance
11.     Another World
12.     Wings of Forever
13.     Glory Tonight