Outright Resistance equipment theft

The band had their van containing all their equipment stolen following their video shoot.



Taken from the band’s Facebook page:


the status no band ever wants to have to put out…

but I’m afraid to say that at some point last night Joe’s work van was stolen from outside his house in Knebworth (Hertfordshire) which contained all of our gear from the video shoot we have been posting about on here and on our personal profiles. We are all still in shock/disbelief that someone could not only take our instruments and means to be able to perform (with a pretty heavy gigging schedule coming up no less!) but also they have taken joe’s livelihood away from him as well… If we could ask everyone to help us out by keeping their eyes and ears open and/or if they know of anything is to get onto the police straight away! Here are some details of the gear that’s been stolen along with a few pictures that i can find at this time

…I just…Yeah…

Police Details – Log 209 9/5/16 WCR/2478/e

White Ford Transit, Registration HJ61PBX

DDrum Defiant in sparkle grey (no cases)
Kick, two rack toms (one is more sparkly then the other), floor tom
small bag (blue) with clamps – floor tom legs are loose.
4 drum stands + hi hat stand
drum throne, ruck sack containing drum sticks earplugs etc
two cymbal bags – one vader (I believe) one zildjian – the Zildjian contained only a China, the other has all other cymbals – two crashes, ride and hihats.
“Hardware” Snare case containing 14″ Pearl Masters snare drum (glitter finish)

-Guitars/amps etc-
Peavey 6505+
Engl Powerball (V1) in flight case which has OR Spray painted down the back side. this amp also has a valve light go off where i haven’t had it serviced for ages)
Inside said flight contains the following;
Power distribution unit
TC Electronics G major 1 with broken knob wheel on right side
Silver-faced RJM RG16
Guitar pedals – MXR Phase 90, analog Chorus (blue), Dyna comp, Noise Clamp
Boss OD1 Overdrive
Line 6 G55 Wireless guitar receiver
Mark Tremonti Power Wah in drawer with cables etc
Tool Box containing extra cables, Korg Pitchblack tuner, extra strings wooden guitar pick box, silver guitar strap with wireless transmitter taped to it in green/yellow electrical tape.

Ibanez ts9 tubescreamer (dodgy ‘level’ knob)
Boss NS-2 noise suppressor
Behringer FCB1010 Midi board (signs of heavy usage)

Engl 4×12 Cab (heavy used) only one input on the back works
Orange 4×12 cab with black cover
Ashdown 4×10 (heavy used) and Ashdown 180 bass head

Red Ibanez Gio (Reverse headstock) in gig bag
Black Ibanez RG170DX with flames and ying/yang painted on the body (very unique), emg pick ups – in a PRS se gig bag
ESP LTD Horizon (red) in fender gigbag (I believe)
White/Cream Fender strat (jim root) in white tweed style hard case

Shure BLX24UK/ Beta 58 Wireless microphone in Black shure soft case

This is the most comprehensive list i can put together at this time and we shall do our best to keep you updated as we can and keep to all of our upcoming gigging dates!

*edited the list slightly to account for a couple items i have remembered/realised were also in the van after trying to find them in my room*

Here is a link to our current Kickstarter we set up to help get back on our feet, please have a gander and keep the shares up, it means so much!



Obviously if you see any of these items being offered for sale then contact the police immediately. But if you are able to help the band out then there is a huge variety of options on the Kickstarter beginning at just £1 .
There is also a special t-shirt available, designed by Very Metal Art to help the band out in their time of need.