Morbid Angel – ‘Kingdoms Disdained’ album

Band: Morbid Angel
Album: Kingdoms Disdained
Release Date: 1st December, 2017
Label: Silver Lining Music



Review by John

Okay, so let’s start with the elephant in the room.  In 2011, Morbid Angel released one of the most infamous, certainly one of the worst albums in the history of metal.
The outright musical abortion that was ‘Ilid Divinum Insanus’ was widely regarded to be something of a joke gone horribly wrong as one of the pioneers of death metal attempted to branch out with a faux-industrial sound.  It was, to say the least, atrocious on every single level, and many saw it as the end of the road for the band.  The album appeared to be an hour long suicide note as Morbid Angel dropped a misjudged toaster into the bath of their career.

Needless to say, it was with some trepidation that I approached their latest offering.  To my eyes, Morbid Angel were done.
Sometimes, however, it is the best feeling in the world to be able to be proved wrong.
Right from the off, Morbid Angel appear to be doing their best to erase all memories of the previous abomination, going back to an all out, warts and all death metal sound.
Whether stung by the criticism, or just never comfortable with the previous misjudged change in direction, Trey Azagoth has taken things right back to basics, as the frantic, steamroller riffs and snarling, venom tipped vocals are fired at the listener in a furious barrage of sound.
Tracks such as ‘The Righteous Voice’ and ‘For No Master’ hammer themselves directly into the head, delivering a clear cut statement of intent. Morbid Angel want you to respect them again.  And even their staunchest critics will be hard pushed not to be impressed.

Stand out tracks include opener ‘Piles Of Little Arms’ (which takes a little under 4 minutes eradicate any lingering, bitter aftertaste from ‘Ilid’) , the breakneck future classic ‘From The Hand Of Kings’, which contains more epic guitar work than you can shake a pointy stick at, the slower pace of ‘Declaring New Law (Secret Hell)’ and the blisteringly heavy final track ‘The Fall Of Idols’ which sees proceedings end in a barrage of squealing guitars and brain melting blast beats.
The return of Steve Tucker (replacing the once again departing vocalist/bassist David Vincent), seems to have energised a band who had a very real point to prove.  And prove it they do, not only managing to drag themselves from the very edge of the abyss that threatened to consume them, but somehow ensuring that they are once again not only relevant, but damn near essential again.

Morbid Angel are back. Four words I never thought I would see myself type. But damn, does it feel good to do so.




Track Listing:
01. Piles Of Little Arms
02. D.E.A.D
03. Garden Of Disdain
04. The Righteous Voice
05. Architect and Iconoclast
06. Paradigms Warped
07. The Pillars Crumbling
08. For No Master
09. Declaring New Law (Secret Hell)
10. From The Hand Of Kings
11. The Fall Of Idols


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