Money Talks…

Once again it seems money is the deciding factor for a tour support.





Ask around and you will find a mixed opinion on whether or not “buy ons” are are a good thing or not.
Some claim it puts money before talent whilst others argue that it’s a good way for emerging bands to be seen by a wider audience.

What everyone will agree on however is that it is completely unacceptable to drop a band who are confirmed for a tour, in favour of one who buys on.
And yet this appears to be exactly what has happened for the upcoming Airbourne Ireland dates, where previously announced Trucker Diablo have suddenly been replaced by The Treatment.

Earlier today Trucker Diabl0 posted this on their Facebook:
Hi Guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes this industry likes to kick you square in the nuts. As you know we were selected to play with Airbourne in August, but we have now been dropped from the bill. We would just like to make it clear we were 100% committed and excited to do the show and circumstances transpired that made it beyond our or The Limelights control. We apologise if anyone bought tickets or made travel arrangements to come see us and we hope to see you again soon. Much Love, TD BTKOR xox

Straight away musicians and music media people jumped in to show their support for the band and express their outrage at this, with messages of support on the Trucker page and criticisms on that of The Treatment.
Comments on The Treatment’s facebook page have been ignored by the band so far.
But this one in particular stands out as it will be hard for the band to ignore this if it happens…
“I hope you get showered in pints of piss when you hit the stage”

Airbourne have also not commented on this situation, but it will be interesting to see how they explain this. And also interesting to see if refunds will be offered for those who may have bought tickets on the strength of Trucker Diablo appearing.