Misinformation not money…

Airbourne have spoken out to clarify the Irish tour support situation.



Trucker Diablo have once more posted:

Hi guys we have received a statement from Airbourne…Please read below. Thanks TD.

“This whole thing was down to misinformation, Airbourne never knew TruckerDiablo were previously on the bill until today.
Several days ago The Treatment were asked to play, they never “bought on” or paid any money to do the show.
So in the interest of putting on a kick ass show that no one loses out, whether its bands or fans then all three bands will play!”


And Airbourne have taken to Facebook to clarify the situation also:

G’day to all our Irish rockers, we just need to clear up some confusion for the Belfast show. As you can see, we didn’t know about Trucker Diablo getting taken off the lineup & as soon as we heard we asked the promoter to fix it & put them back on the bill. As to the bullshit suggestion that ANY of our support bands paid to be on the bill… Well that’s completely absurd, un-Rock’n’Roll and quite frankly not the Airbourne way.

Here’s the one fact you actually need to know: All bands are gonna kick arse and everyone is gonna have one hell of a Rock’n’Roll show!


It’s great that the band have spoken out about this and hopefully that means no flying urine missiles at the shows.

But it has raised an interesting question posted by one fan: “Pleased it’s sorted out but how does the headline band not know who is supporting them?”

Definitely one to write about in the future…