Memoriam – The Silent Vigil

Band: Memoriam
Album: The Silent Vigil
Release Date: 23rd March, 2018
Label: Nuclear Blast



Review by John

Hot on the heels of last year’s debut album ‘For The Fallen’, death metallers Memoriam return with their sophomore effort.
Suffice to say, if you’re a fan of the first album then you’ll not need to stray far from your comfort zone here.

‘Soulless Paradise’ gets things underway, and pretty much sets the tone for the album, being a solid enough slice of doom tinged, slower paced death metal, with some fine flourishes from lead guitarist Scott Fairfax.
‘Nothing Remains’ initially sees a slightly faster pace and a turn towards the heavier, as it carves out a catchy rhythm that keeps the listener interested throughout, while frontman Karl Willets’ vocals are every bit as powerhouse as you would expect.
After the slightly funereal sound of the first two tracks, ‘From The Flames’ explodes into life with chugging riffs keeping things twisting and turning nicely, before ending in a furious burst of noise.

Title track ‘The Silent Vigil’ is a slower, dryer sounding offering that, oddly, seems to come to an abrupt end just as it seems to be finding its direction, while ‘Bleed The Same’ has an interesting enough sound, but takes too long to actually go anywhere, by which time your interest is starting to wane a little.
No such issues surround ‘As Bridges Burn’, possibly the stand out track of the album, delivers a no frills slab of killer death metal with a sludgy edge that helps it stand out from the crowd.
‘The New Dark Ages’ is another high point, with a sound harking back to the glory days of Bolt Thrower, while the band allow their doomier side to come to the front for penultimate track ‘No Known Grave’.
The brooding, reflective ‘Weaponised Fear’ has a nicely balanced sound and ensures that the album ends on a high note.

Whilst ‘The Silent Vigil’ holds no surprises, it’s a solid offering and the sound of a band doing what they do best.
If ‘For The Fallen’ wasn’t your cup of tea then you probably won’t want to be dunking your biscuit here. But for everyone else, add milk and sugar to taste and drink heartily from the heady metallic brew.




Track Listing:
1. Soulless Parasite
2. Nothing Remains
3. From The Flames
4. The Silent Vigil
5. Bleed The Same
6. As Bridges Burn
7. The New Dark Ages
8. No Known Grave
9. Weaponised Fear


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