Klogr – ‘Keystone’ album review

Band: Klogr
Album: Keystone
Release Date: 6th October, 2017
Label: Zeta Factory / PHD



Review by Sean

After the relentlessness of the past week, something like the new Klogr album is just the tonic I need. That and the Jim Beam and coke I’m drinking anyway. It’s a standard metal instant classic, to boil it down to its most basic. Your head will be nodding almost non-stop, and may even get to banging at a couple of points. It’s an album that’s on figurative fire, by a band that show signs of something big if they can capitalise on what they’ve come up with here.

So just what is it we have here? It’s the latest offering from a Finnish group that have been around in one form or another since 2011, and here have come up with an album with a message, of sorts. The album as a whole is all about how we as a species need to be doing more for our planet, and to stop being so wasteful and horrible as we are currently. Now, I’m not someone people would call an environmentalist, and I’m not really one for having people push their ideals onto me, so as a message, it falls flat, I’m sad to say.
The album as a whole is still pretty fucking good, musically, but, I’ve got no time to be preached at. It’s certainly not as message heavy or preachy as some others on the same subject have been (Disturbed’s Asylum, anyone?) so that’s a huge plus, and, honestly, even lyrically the album is pretty damn solid. It’s something I’d urge people to maybe listen to on Spotify (which incidentally, you can, as of typing this up), give it a chance, see how you feel. That way, if you like it, you’ve found something you enjoyed, and you’re only too happy to cough up the money to buy the album. If not, no harm done. You still spent nearly an hour listening to some good music, it just didn’t tick all your boxes. No harm done.

Highlights though,  ‘Pride Before The Fall’, because it’s got a pretty good bit of riffage, and the aggressiveness of the vocals make it stand out a bit more than it should do. Also the song following it, ‘Something’s In The Air’. It’s got a groove I can really get into.

So overall, it’s a good effort, it’s an album I liked, but wouldn’t go out of my way for. If you like some good old fashioned metal, you’ll probably enjoy some, if not all of this, and by all means, go give them a listen. I liked the album, just not enough to fully commit to taking a punt on the band. Good, but not good enough.




Track Listing:
1. Sleeping Through The Seasons
2. Prison Of Light
3. Technocracy
4. The Echoes Of Sin
5. Pride Before The Fall
6. Something’s In The Air
7. Drag You Back
8. Sirens’ Song
9. Dark Tides
10. Silent Witness
11. Enigmatic Smile
12. The Wall Of Illusion


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