Kinasis – ‘Pariah’ EP review

Band: Kinasis
EP: Pariah
Release Date: 29th September, 2017
Label: Self Released



Review by John

From the opening moments of ‘Pariah’s’ first track, ‘Red Earth’, Kinasis waste little time in setting out their stall.
Frantic, fast paced riffing combined with ear splitting vocals come non stop at the listener, creating a cacophony of fury. When the almost nu-metal style clean vocals kick in it does initially feel out of place, but, on repeated listens, you get more of a sense of the bands intentions.

After an eerie opening, ‘Black Dog’ initially employs a slower pace, and showcases a more industrial sound, again employing the dual vocal style from ‘Red Earth’.   After a mid section with echoes of Korn in their heyday, the track explodes into a brutal pseudo death metal section, before morphing into something akin to groove metal.  Throwing this many differing styles into the mix shouldn’t work, but somehow Kinasis pull it off with ease.

‘Kindred’ is slightly more straightforward, with a sound that comes across as the mutant love child of Fear Factory and Korn.  With a brutal hook that never lets go, and a huge nu-metal vibe throughout, the only criticism would be that the cleaner vocals do begin to feel somewhat overused, and perhaps don’t fit quite so well as on the previous tracks.

No such issues get in the way of closer ‘Incipient’, which opens on a sonic whirlwind of pure brutality and, when it does drop pace, gives the listener a welcome chance to draw breath. The best of the four tracks on offer, it features more twists than Chubby Checker playing Twister with Oliver Twist.

Overall, ‘Pariah’ is an impressive piece of work, which serves as a good showcase for everything that Kinasis have to offer.  With a sound that perfectly blends full on extreme tech metal with some finely polished nu metal, the listener’s interest never wanes, and each listen throws up more little touches that you hadn’t previously noticed.
‘Pariah’ is a release that demands attention, and if you’re willing to give it that attention then you will not be disappointed.




Track Listing:
1. Red Earth
2. Black Dog
3. Kindred
4. Incipient


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