Kaine – ‘A Crisis Of Faith’ album review

Band: Kaine
Album: A Crisis of Faith
Release Date: 2nd May, 2018
Label: Self Released



Review by John

For some reason, in spite of the fact that they’ve been around a while now, Kaine are a band who have always passed me by.
I have no idea why that is, as I had certainly heard of them, but had just never heard them. Until now.
And what a way to be introduced.

From the moment opener ‘Heaven’s Abandonment’ bursts into full metal life, you realise this is a band who are not ashamed to wear their NWOBHM influences proudly on their collective sleeves.  Epic riffs and soaring vocals abound, with a sound that you just have to bang your head along to.

What is most striking is the sheer variety of styles on offer here.
‘Fall Of Jericho’ has a slightly crunchier feel to it, with some impressive work from bassist Stephen Ellis, while ‘Afterlife’  perfectly marries soulful reflection with bursts of pure fury.
‘Frailty Of The Blade (Stephen’s Song)’ is, at times, more Maiden than Maiden, and ‘The Mind Is Willing’ throws a touch of prog into an already heady mix.

‘Voice In Hell’ contains some of frontman Rage Sadler’s strongest vocals, before ‘Behind The Preacher’s Eyes’ unleashes possibly the best song that Judas Priest never wrote.
Album closer ‘Alone (In My Forgotten Rage)’ opens with haunting piano, then a burst of feedback flings us headlong into a slice of pure, unadulterated British metal, which ensures that proceedings end on a glorious high.  It’s the sort of track that deserves tob e described by future generations as “anthemic” and is the kind of song that, for a newbie to the band such as myself, leaves you wanting to check out the back catalogue.

With no real weak moments, ‘A Crisis Of Faith’ is a solid offering from a band who, while they may not be offering anything original, have something to say and a damn fine way of saying it. With a familiar, yet fresh sound, it’s the musical equivalent of pulling an old band shirt from your wardrobe and finding that, not only is it still in good shape, but somehow it still fits you perfectly.

If, like me, you have never heard Kaine before then I can only suggest that you pick up a copy of the album at your earliest convenience.  If you have already had the pleasure of hearing them then you probably have no excuse to not have this on your shopping list.

Play loud, and prepare yourself to rock out like it’s the early 80s all over again.




Track Listing:
01. Heaven’s Abandonment
02. Fall Of Jericho
03. A Night Meets Death
04. Crisis Of Faith
05. Afterlife
06. Frailty Of The Blade (Stephen’s Song)
07. Voice In Hell
08. Behind The Preacher’s Eyes
09. The Mind Is Willing
10. Alone (In My Forgotten Rage)


The digital album is available now, white the physical version is available to pre-order and will contain extra tracks.
To order go to kaine.bandcamp.com/album/a-crisis-of-faith

Visit the band on facebook: www.facebook.com/kaineband