Hell’s Gazelles – ‘Take Your Medicine’ EP review

Band: Hell’s Gazelles
EP: Take Your Medicine
Release Date: 27th July, 2018
Label: Self Released



Review by Ben

Are you a fan of chunky hard rock and Led Zeppelin style music with that extra pow? With sticky thick riffs? Hell’s Gazelles is worth a listen to then!

I’ve never listened to Hell’s Gazelles before a few days ago and I’m quite pleased with how they sound, and the style of music that they provide. I don’t know a lot about them or where they come from, but all I know is that I like them

Starting off with the first song on the EP, ‘Give Me Something’. The intro draws you in slowly followed by a chunky riff, the whole song itself follows the same path and riffs all the way through, changing and not once lowering down, staying up right in your face! As for the song lyrics I can’t help but to say I relate, the lyrics speak about how people are dishonest and humanity are just programmed an can barely be trusted. It’s certainly the song to put a middle finger up towards society and shout profanity right into their faces… which occurs a lot in this song. We all have that someone or a group of someones in our life, and this song certainly succeeded in saying how we feel, or at least how I feel.

Second track ‘Stone Cold’ is about removing someone from your life for good, because you’ve had enough of them taking you for granted and treating you like scum while they get everything they want from you. Saying in the lyrics “I’m stone cold” after ending that relationship with the person, just not caring how they feel anymore or what problems it’s gonna cause them. Of course this song isn’t without it’s riffs not once ceasing to deliver the loud entertainment one would expect from this song

‘Out of Time’ is a song focusing on issues such as religion and depression along with feeling like they’re losing time and waiting for a higher power to take them to a better place. A heavy subject and full of heavy riffs.

The stand out track for me is title track ‘Take Your Medicine’. What is it about it that I like? Well it’s the fact it pushes the song right into your face with a short yet so large intro. With drums and guitar slamming at the same time followed by lead guitar playing the songs’ riff, it instantly drags the attention of the listener before the lyrics even kick in. Not once did this song fail to uphold the riff and heaviness set out from the beginning. As the song is called ‘Take Your Medicine’ it is repeated a lot, though what stood out to me and quite made me think was the line “The Devil’s in The Details” I’ve never heard this phrase before and it sounded really cool! Yet so true!

Ending the EP is She Devil. This is more of a tame song yet not failing on the style of their music. It is a bit grungy in it’s sound and very much a song to bop your head to. The song itself is about a girl who takes a man for granted and his money, to the point of him seeing her as someone taking advantage of him.

In all honesty this album is quite something to listen to for Grunge and Hard Rock fans alike. Certainly something to jump to at a gig, and I highly recommend listening to it even if you’re not usually a Grunge/Hard Rock lover.




Track Listing:
1. Give Me Something
2. Stone Cold
3. Out Of Time
4. Take Your Medicine
5. She Devil


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Get the EP here: hellsgazelles.bigcartel.com