Grimgotts – ‘Here Be Dragonlords’ EP review

Band: Grimgotts
EP: Here Be Dragonlords
Release Date: 15th January, 2016
Label: Self Released



Review by Ritchie

The debut EP from symphonic power metal band Grimgotts is here.
The band who refer to themselves as “probably the best Harry Potter themed Symphonic Power Metal band to come out of West Sussex probably” got me intrigued with that description alone. I may not know much about Harry Potter (I’ve seen the movies once and that was it) but I do love my symphonic and power metal so let’s see what there all about.

The first track is a minute musical opener to the EP which wouldn’t be lost on an Alestorm album but I good build up to the first real track. ‘Fight Against The World’ is the first actual song on the EP and starts with a familiar style sound reminding me strongly of German Power Metal band Freedom Call. This track is my personal favourite as it is everything I love about Power Metal; great vocals double kick drumming and great riffs with beautiful keyboard parts I played this track a lot I won’t lie.
The next song ‘Into The Future’ is a bit slower on the open but without losing that grand Power Metal sound with the drums rolling and the deeper tone to the vocals in the beginning another fantastic song on this EP.
The last song ‘My Crown’s But A Dream’ brings the pace back up again it is more Power Metal greatness ending with just the vocals and piano this track is a good way to end a great EP.
This EP was awesome it is just great Symphonic Power Metal reminding me a lot of Freedom Call well worth getting.
It is free if you want it but I would say give the band some money for it as you will not be disappointed. The link is below.



Track Listing:
1. The Shores Of Vale
2. Fight Against The World
3. Into The Future
4. My Crown’s But A Dream


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