Frozen In Shadows – ‘Frozen In Shadows’ EP review

Band: Frozen In Shadows
EP: Frozen In Shadows
Release Date: 3rd September, 2018
Label: Self Released



Review by John

From out of the shadows of deepest, darkest Manchester, the much teased “Secret Band” from the Badgerfest 2018 line up have finally emerged.
Bringing together members and ex-members of such heavyweights as Vice, Impavidus, Prognosis, Godhand and Footprints In The Custard, Frozen In Shadows have dropped their debut EP. But is the whole equal to the sum of the parts?

Over the course of five cuts of melodic death metal, the answer soon becomes clear.
From the atmospheric opening of ‘Harbinger’, the band drag the listener in on a wave of melodically heavy guitars, married to the guttural roar of frontman Russ. With not a dick joke to be found, it takes a little getting used to if you’re familiar with his work in Footprints, but once you adjust, you realise just how well suited he is to the material.

‘Tides’ kicks in next, and it’s here that you begin to appreciate the musicianship on display. Underpinned by Impavidus drummer Badger’s bludgeoning rhythm , it takes the listener on a dark journey of despair. Throw in an infectious solo, and you can’t help but feel hooked.

There is no respite from the ferocity on ‘Depths’, which twists and turns with the contribution of each member shining through, while ‘Ashen’ brings the pace down a notch, and highlights the bands more melodic tendencies, with bassist Robbo given chance to shine.

Last up is ‘Behest’, which ensures that things end on a high note, with some more excellent guitar work from the dynamic duo of Kyle and Christian, while Russ unleashes his inner demons with a rampant snarl that freezes the marrow in your bones.

From beginning to end, ‘Frozen In Shadows’ is a brutally heavy, yet hauntingly melodic offering that is more infectious than a week in a leper colony. Never reverting to cliche, it stands proud among this year’s best releases and proves that the band are so much more than the sum of their parts.

As supergroups go, this is one band that deserve to move out of the shadows and enjoy their moment in the sun.




Track Listing:
1. Harbinger
2. Tides
3. Depths
4. Ashen
5. Behest


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