Forgotten Remains – ‘Morbid Reality’ EP review

Band: Forgotten Remains
EP: Morbid Reality
Release Date: 4th June, 2016
Label: Self Released



Review by John

UK thrash has been undergoing something of a renaissance of late, both with the return of some of the leading lights from the classic scene, and the growth of the new wave of thrash.
Over the last few years, Derbyshire based Forgotten Remains have been making big and hellishly catchy noises, and they have emerged as one of the bands to watch.  Following a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, they now bring us their latest EP.

‘Child 44’ kicks things off, and immediately blows you away with the sort of opening riff that Slayer used to write, only better.  This is old school thrash with a brutal twist, bordering on death metal in places.
Things continue apace with ‘Tormented Aggression’, which somehow manages to pick upthe pace further. Death growls and killer riffs are perfectly married together, and the solo is out of this world.  It’s unclear how a track so uncompromisingly heavy can also be so damned catchy.  But somehow Forgotten Remains pull it off.  Possibly the standout track here.

Title track ‘Morbid Reality’ is a more traditional thrasher, with a relentless, breakneck pace throughout. Pounding aggression delivered straight to your frontal lobe, this perfectly captures the bands live style.
‘Blood Of The Innocent’ slows the tempo slightly, whilst remaining as heavy as hell, while ‘Beneath The Blood Stained Sky’ evokes memories of Sepultura at their early best.
‘.22 Calibre’ and the frenetic ‘D.O.A.’ bring things to a close, and you’re left with the overall impression of a band at the very top of their game.

Special mention has to go to the production on the EP.  Russ Russell (who for me, despite of of the big names he has worked with will always be the producer on both ‘Oaf’ albums) does a fantastic job here, and ensures that absolutely nothing gets lost in the mix.  This sounds far better than a lot of the massive budget US thrash releases of recent years.

2016 has already seen some top quality releases. ‘Morbid Reality’ stands proudly up there with the best of them.



Track Listing:
1 Child 44
2 Tormented Aggression
3 Morbid Reality
4 Blood Of The Innocent
5 Beneath The Blood Stained Sky
6 .22 Calibre
7 D.O.A.


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