First Impressions – ‘Prey’

A quick first impression of Prey by Sean






When the trailers for Prey first came out, like most people, I was intrigued, but sceptical. It looked like it could be REALLY good, but it also looked like it could… well, be shit. Still, I kept an eye on it.

Last week, we all got the chance to play the very first portion of the game. They (Bethesda) said the first hour, but, honestly, if you took the time to dig around the areas you were in, and to read all the little bits on the computers and such, it was longer. They basically meant the prologue and chapter one.

Well fuck me rigid if it wasn’t brilliant. I could spend ages talking over the finer points of it, and I’d love to, but I’m keeping this short because no spoilers, and also because it truly is something people need to experience themselves. Suffice it to say, and I’ve said this a few times now to various people so I’ve had a chance to hone it, Prey is like if Bioshock and Half Life had a baby, and then Resident Evil 7 taught it how to play Prop Hunt.

I’m not too ashamed to admit the game made me jump once or twice, and the music in it sets the scenes up perfectly. You’ll be instantly on edge when that danger music starts up, and even more tense when you think you’ve killed all the mimics, but the music is still going.

The game is out Friday 5th of May, and seriously, if you’ve not pre-ordered it, get it now. I’m absolutely a person who advocates not going out for a game until people you trust have had a chance to see if it’s good or not. Well, unless it’s a series I’m a fanboy of, but this one is something people need to play. Amazing stuff.


Prey is available for the XBoxOne, Playstation 4 and PC

Developed by Arkane Studios
Published by Bethesda Softworks