Fireland – ‘Fireland III – Believe Or Die’ album review

Band: Fireland
Album: Fireland III – Believe Or Die
Release Date: 18th November, 2016
Label: Independent



Review by Sean

There was a time when power metal ruled supreme over all. Bands like Helloween created and pioneered a genre and gave it unto us, and it was good. Then hair metal and grunge came along and made everything that power and thrash metal had done worthless. They ruined music.
In the early 2000’s, there was something happening though. Bands had dusted off those older albums, and discovered that you could be fun, cheesy, fast, powerful, and more importantly, these bands saw that music could actually be good as well.

One of these bands was Fireland. They started from the bottom, opening for another band that once had a lot of promise (but ultimately decided to focus on pure cheese and not on talent), Dragonforce, and things looked good. However it didn’t go great for Fireland, and they went into hiatus.
We’re now in 2016, and I think we can all agree, this year has been, as the upper classes would say, a bit of a shitter. So we need something to rouse us and turn our lives round. Step forward Fireland.

This album is something I had to put on again when it was done. It was just what I needed if I’m honest. I woke up the morning of this review feeling shitty, feeling down. I put this album on, and I actually forgot to be objective and to listen out for things to review. I lost myself in listening to it, and then only when it finished did I think to myself, “Shit. I was supposed to be reviewing this”. So I put it on again, and sat down to write this.
I’m waffling, I know, but honestly, I cant really say too much about the album. If you love twin guitars, if you love bands that have the power to make you feel like you don’t want the album to end, you will enjoy this album. I couldn’t stop listening, you wont be able to either.





Track Listing:
01. John Rock
02. Believe or Die
03. My Enemy’s Enemy
04. Ironclad
05. Burning Scarecrow
06. Hell Hotel
07. Fallen II
08. Murderhole
09. Hate Will Live On
10. Rise Again

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