Disrupt The Continuum – ‘Disrupt The Continuum’ EP review

Band: Disrupt The Continuum
EP: Disrupt The Continuum
Release Date: 1st September
Label: Self Released



Review by Sean

I’d not heard anything about Disrupt the Continuum before checking out their self titled EP, but I’ll make the rest of what I’m about to say redundant and say here in the intro that I’ll be looking to see how the band develops when it comes time for a full album.

I’ll take the EP as a whole, instead of track by track, and first things first, calling it an EP is a bit of a stretch, as there’s seven tracks on offer here. Still, it helps get their sound out to people, and that’s the most important thing.
To start with the sound is pretty damn good. Very All That Remains/KsE when they had Howard. The aggressive vocals are pretty good, but the clean vocals could do with a bit of work. They come across as strained over spread too thin at times, and given how vocally metalcore is about finding the right balance between the two, it would be something I would work on. Lessons perhaps? Hell, maybe even just warming up the vocal cords a bit more before performing could improve it.

Other than that, the rest of the band is working well. I know it’s a cool thing to shit on metalcore, but in my later teens and through my twenties, even to today as an ancient 30 year old, I still really dig it, so I was happy to have the chance to review this.
It’s a band I’ll be keeping an eye on for sure, as genuinely good metalcore bands are painfully few and far between these days. Too many try to just sound like the big bands, and never try to carve their own way in things. DTC have given that a go, and there is real scope for progression, just, work on those clean vocals, lads!




Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. Collective Suicide
03. Callous
04. Waves
05. Hate Consumes
06. Flames Alight
07. Re-Use


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