Deified – ‘Inhuman Manifesto’ EP review

Band: Deified 
EP: Inhuman Manifesto
Release Date: 27th April, 2018
Label: Self Released



Review by John

It’s been a funny old 12 months for Merseyside metallers Deified since the release of their single ‘Iron Bird’ last June.
That marked a poignant moment for the band, with the departure of vocalist Jamie Hughes announced shortly ahead of its release.

So, ‘Inhuman Manifesto’ marks the first recordings with their new frontman, Jamie Hughes, who, in a plot twist straight out of Billy The Fish, was announced as his own replacement at his farewell gig.
I told you it had been a funny old 12 months.

Right from the very first moments of the powerhouse opener ‘Verger’, it becomes clear that Deified are a band fully focused on moving themselves forward, as your brain is obliterated by a full on assault of ear melting metal. They have refined the sound from their debut album ‘Ascension’ and given it just the right amount of polish. There’s a cleaner feel all round and on Hughes’ vocals in particular, with tight riffs and frantic drumming holding the whole thing together.
After such a catchy opener, the band somehow take things up another notch, adding a touch of groove to ‘Hellion’, which sees a slightly cleaner delivery from Hughes of some deeply personal lyrics. It serves the track well, and, throwing in an infectious solo, the whole thing has more than a hint of some of Lamb Of God’s finer moments.

Next up is the aforementioned ‘Iron Bird’, a whirlwind of grinding riffs and snarling vocals, with a portentous theme of annihilation which, in light of recent events, seems all the more relevant now than it did upon its original release.
‘Dead Inside’ see a masterclass of drumming from Stew Brown which proves the perfect counterpoint to the twin guitar assault of Matt Pike and Alastair Blackhall as Hughes again gets down and dirty as he delves deep into his own psyche.
More fine guitar work brings us headlong into ‘Visceral Plague’ which sees things end with another angry slab of underground metal at its finest. Held brilliantly together by Brown’s machine gun drumming and ably assisted by bassist Tom Simm, it keeps up the same high standards found across the EP.

Given the standard of the tracks on offer, it’s impossible to choose a stand out, with each one standing proudly alongside the others.

As pointed out earlier, it’s been an odd 12 months for Deified. Fortunately, the band appear to have harnessed the adversity and used it to spur themselves on.
Angry, aggressive, and downright essential, this is the sound of a band who are finding their creative peak and preparing to scale new heights.




Track Listing:
1. Verger
2. Hellion
3. Iron Bird
4. Dead Inside
5. Visceral Plague


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