Deathflux – ‘Execrated’ album review

Band: Deathflux
Album: Execrated
Release Date: 30th April, 2018
Label: Self Released



Review by John


Formed from the ashes of Cacodaemonic, Nottingham’s Deathflux are about to unleash their debut album upon the world. And it is not taking any prisoners.

As opener ‘Forsaken’ launches itself at your face in a cacophony of noise, the band set out their stall early on, with some crushingly heavy riffs melded with perfectly balanced dual vocals and killer breakdowns. It’s a memorable way to start, and sows the seeds for what is to follow as, over the course of the seven tracks on offer here, the band comfortably find their groove and stick to it to good effect.

While there are few surprises here, there is a lot of fun to be had.
‘Devolution’ features an artillery barrage of energetic drumming married to a sense of pure unadulterated anger, while the more polished, almost technical flourishes to be found on ‘Toxin’ take root deep within your head and make themselves comfortable.
‘Transcend’ is an uncompromising attack of pure power and energy, delivered like a speedball to the brain, and the destructive force that is ‘Bludgeon’ more than lives up to its name.
Closer ‘Exile’ hammers along at a frantic pace and batters the listener into submission, leaving them wanting more.

Overall, ‘Execrated’ is a solid, impressive debut, and there is plenty here to enjoy. While some may have issues with the dual vocal style, for me it works well, with the cleaner style never overused and at times working in almost perfect harmony with the harsher delivery.
If you like your music heavy, brutal and downright angry then this could be the perfect album for you.

Deathflux aren’t here to waste time with pleasantries. They’re here to melt your faces, and ‘Execrated’ does exactly that.




Track Listing:
1. Forsaken
2. Consume
3. Devolution
4. Toxin
5. Bludgeon
6. Transcend
7. Exile


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