Deadsmoke – ‘Mountain Legacy’ album review

Band: Deadsmoke
Album: Mountain Legacy
Release Date: 28th September, 2017
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds



Review by El

When thinking of Doom or Sludge, I have to admit, I am not aware of many Italian examples. When done well, the crushing heaviness of a Sludge/Doom band is something of brilliance, yet there are unfortunately too many examples of where this has not come through well. Add on to that the feel that the album is more story telling as a full piece, rather than a collection of individual tracks, and there is a certain amount of intrigue that starts to bubble in your head as the album plays through.

This second offering from Italian four piece Deadsmoke, ‘Mountain Legacy’, really is something else. The album feels more like it is telling a story, recounting a memory from a particularly traumatic episode in someone’s past, up on some peak, amid fog and gloom.
Each tracks flows seamlessly into the next as it progresses, creating an actual immersive, all in one feel to the album. From the opening track, ‘Malevolent Path’ which sets the scene for the rest of the album as an opening instrumental, along with Forest of the Damned, another short instrumental, which bridges between what feels like the most emphasised tracks on the album – almost like giving you a brief relief before the final onslaught hammers down on you, like a particularly unrelenting giant smashing his sledgehammer down atop your skull.

Mountain Legacy switches between a very slow, Sludge-like sound, and a quicker Doom one, using both to provide different emphases to that particular part of the song or album. Evidence of influences such as Sleep are clearly audible in the lead guitar, whilst Sleep and also Black Sabbath can clearly be heard at different points in the bass tone. The last track, the album title ‘Mountain Legacy’, spends its time alternating between the loud/soft feel of early Nirvana/Pixies, without ever compromising its tone or heaviness, before building to a crescendo that just ends, leaving the listener feeling like something is missing. That thing missing is this album playing again down your lug holes. Crushing heaviness done the right way.

Overall, Deadsmoke leave me with the memory of a drunken conversation I had with a friend in our local, where he told me about listening to a Doom song, and mentally picturing he was a goblin, running around a field and getting up to mischief. This was my goblin moment, though this particular one was going through a very dark, dank and dismal place, on a journey he won’t easily forget. It is something I will definitely be listening to again in the near future, and I look forward to hearing something more from Deadsmoke in the future.




Track Listing:
1. Malevolent Path
2. Endless Cave
3. Hiss Of The Witch
4. Emperor Of Shame
5. Wolfcurse
6. Damned
7. Mountain Legacy


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