Dead By Daylight – The Leatherface DLC

New DLC and free weekend on PC





Information is currently limited, but it would seem that the iconic Leatherface killer is coming to Dead by Daylight!
Apparently there is no new survivor, but we know that Leatherface is bringing his iconic chainsaw and tantrum when he misses, so expect him to be a formidable opponent.

As you would expect, the new killer is coming with his own set of perks. Knockout prevents survivors from locating their fallen comrades, Barbeque and Chill shows Leatherface where all survivors are after hooking someone (within a pre-defined range, but we don’t know what that is, yet) while Franklin’s Demise makes survivors drop items once you give them a whack.

The PC is also enjoying a free weekend for the game, with 50% off the game and most of it’s DLC (not this one).
Consoles should be getting this free weekend and 50% off deal on Friday (15th September), so keep an eye out!

For now, enjoy this trailer, and we’ll see you in the fog.


UPDATE: According to Steam, it’s out NOW on the PC (£2.79), and a little later for PS4 and Xbox One.