‘Dead by Daylight: Spark of Madness’ DLC review

Title: Dead by Daylight: Spark of Madness DLC 
Format: PC exclusive
Release Date: 11th May, 2017
Publisher: Behaviour Interactive



Review by Khaine

Almost a year ago, I reviewed the original Dead by Daylight game when it first came out. There have been 3 major DLC’s since then, plus a free character and some cosmetics. Since then, the game has been patched and advanced so much that I felt it was appropriate to do a new review on their brand new DLC and highlight just how much has changed.
We’ve had 3 new killers since the game released, each with unique powers. The Nurse was the first one, and she can basically “teleport” through most solid objects. Michael Myers (aka The Shape) was the second, who can down you in one hit if he “stalks” you enough, and then we had The Hag, who sets traps and teleports to them meaning she is a specialist in map control.
We’ve also had 4 new survivors: Nea Karlsson, Laurie Strode, Ace Visconti and William “Bill” Overbeck (Yes! Bill from Left 4 Dead) and 4 new maps: Disturbed Ward, Lampkin Lane, The Pale Rose and Gas Heaven.

The reason I mention how the game has progressed over the past 11 months, is because a lot of new mechanics have been brought in, which made UI alterations necessary. These alterations allowed the developers to bring in ANOTHER new mechanic for this DLC: Madness. The killer is simply called The Doctor, and he’s not a handsome, time-travelling man with a blue box. He’s a psychopath with a pointed stick, headgear keeping his eyes open and mouth in a permanent grin and has an interesting ability. It’s simply called “Carter’s Spark” and is unique because it has two different modes: Punishment and Treatment.

In Punishment mode, you just beat people with your pointed stick. In Treatment mode, The Doctor generates a static field based off his terror radius and can charge a shock attack. It’s these two abilites which cause a survivor to gain madness, and you want that. They scream randomly, telling you where they are and survivors experience hallucinations, which can cause them difficulty. At Madness 3, a survivor cannot do anything until they stop and “Snap Out Of It”. This ability can be improved with add-ons, as per all the other killers. His perks are interesting, but not overpowered. ‘Overwhelming Presence’ is useful for dealing with flashlight warriors, ‘Monitor & Abuse’ isn’t bad… but I’d rather have ‘Shadowborn’. ‘Overcharge’ is the interesting one, since it allows even more generator control.

Moving on to the survivor, Feng Min is a former eSports professional. Her perks kind-of center around that, with ‘Technician’ reducing the amount of noise a generator makes while you work on it AND providing a chance to reverse a bad skill check. ‘Alert’ will show you where the killer is if they decide to go around kicking generators to make things more difficult, and ‘Lithe’ is just… amazing. It gives you a speed boost if you jump over a window or a pallet, which is very beneficial with the bloodlust mechanic that Killers received last patch!

However, the new map is my favourite part of the DLC. People have been asking for an indoor map for months, and we finally have one. The Hospital is just visually amazing and like a goddamn maze to run around! It’s going to require a lot of play time for people to get used to it. The new hook design is modified medical machines, and it fits perfectly. Behaviour have also been incorporating new features into their maps, so when you activate a generator, something happens. The hospital incorporates this, but I don’t want to say what it is and ruin the surprise, though it is very cool.

All-in-all, for $6.99, this is well worth picking up. Feng Min brings some interesting perks to the table, especially ‘Lithe’ and The Doctor presents an interesting special ability that may require some off-meta builds and tactics to use effectively.
I absolutely loved it, The Doctor scares the everloving crap out of me and I look forward to seeing how Behaviour push the envelope in their next DLC.


Take a look at the new characters in the official trailer

Find out more : www.deadbydaylight.com