Daniel Trigger – ‘Time of the Titans’ album review

Artist: Daniel Trigger
Album: Time of the Titans
Release Date: 29th April, 2017
Label: Self Released



Review by Sean

I did a review not too long ago looking at three of Daniel Triggers singles, and his first album, and two of those singles appear on this album.
Oh, this album. I’m a big fan of huge sounding albums. Stuff you put on in the Summer, out the back, beer in hand, and we’ve been through this exact scenario recently with another review of mine. Well add this one to the list. It’s superlative. It’s excellent. It’s any positive word you can come up with. It really is. But that alone doesn’t do for a review, so lets break it down a little bit, shall we?

In essence, if you took Bon Jovi, the band not the singer, and put Jeff Scott Soto in as vocalist, you’re some way to getting to Daniel Triggers sound. Its 80’s hard rock at its finest, and not a single second of this album disappoints. There are two songs on here that I’ve talked about before, in my prior review, but they’re well worth talking about again over the course of this review. In fact the opening track of the new album, ‘Promised Land’ is one I reviewed earlier, and its just as good now as it was then. It’s a rousing intro to an album, lifting the heart and soul in only the way 80s rock does. Get your lighters out folks, and make sure they’re full, cos they’ll be on for the majority of this album. Nah, that’s not true. It’ll be the whole album. The solo here is top notch, everything comes together here to nail it.
From there the album hits you with two more uptempo numbers, but then we get our first slower song, ‘I Once Was A Titan’. I defy you not to instantly fall in love with that opening guitar melody. The main body of the song could have come from some of the best work Whitesnake put out, and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and say this surpasses it all. It’s my favourite song on the album. The solo once again is perfection, imagine something Slash or Eddie Van Halen would come out with. It’s of that sort of style, and it elevates an already great song just that bit more. But that main riff. Sweet Jesus it’s good. I had it in my head for more than a week. As the song fades out, it returns, on its own, sans distortion, and it has a frail, almost haunting feel to it. Loved it.

The album picks up again with ‘Welcome To The Real World’, a foot-stomper of an anthem, and then takes the anthem concept and runs wild with it with ‘Do You Know Who I Am?’. A crowd involving song if there ever was one, it is the absolute blueprint for the downtrodden 80’s rock song that the crowd all gets a bit closer for. Lighters come out, a single tear falls from the eye, and the crowd all falls in love with each other, if only for five minutes.
After that is the second song I’ve reviewed before, ‘Sell My Soul’. It comes at just the right time, bringing the energy back up once more, getting any crowd that’d see it hyped for more to come. It’s something you’d put on at a party to get the energy of the room bumped up to 11, and I love it.
Next, we have the duo of ‘Ready To Fly’ and ‘Rain’. The former another rouser that stayed in my head, the latter a great way to keep the momentum going, keep the energy up.
Following that we have ‘Close My Eyes’, and, though the use of it can be a bit cliché, I quite like the orchestration used in this. It adds gravitas to an already powerful song. Kudos.
Up next is ‘Personal Asylum’. It’s another footstomper, and its another one that’ll stick in your head long after the album is over. It’s another of my favourite tracks, because I just love how it
sounds. It adds a touch of grittiness to the established Daniel Trigger sound, and if he chose to do a heavier album in the future, this is a good sign that he’d pull it off quite well.
‘Pendulum’ is next, and its a song written to give people hope, in a way that only rock and metal bands seem to be able to do. There’s honestly not that much more to say about it. It’s inspiring, it lifts you up, and it sounds good while it does all that.
Finally, we end the album with ‘Reach Out’, and if any song epitomised the 80s sound, this is it. It ends the show on a cheesy high with a bang, sending everyone home happy, and wanting more. But the album as a whole is great like that.

When ‘Reach Out’ ended, I wanted more. I wanted another track. So I went back and listened to it again. And now I’m waiting for a live date, so I can see it all live, and love every second. I
will freely admit I’ve long said I’m not a huge 80s fan, musically. But the stuff I’ve reviewed lately has started to open my ears up a bit. And that’s not an easy thing to do.
Ten out of fucking ten.

Editor’s note – All proceeds from sales of this album are being split between Marie Curie Cancer Care, Dementia UK and the Diana-Award Anti-Bullying Campaign




Track Listing:
01. Promised Land
02. Losing My Faith
03. Here Comes The Rage
04. I Was A Titan
05. Welcome To The Real World
06. Do You Know Who I Am?
07. Sell My Soul
08. Ready To Fly
09. Rain
10. Close My Eyes
11. Personal Asylum
12. Pendulum
13. Reach Out

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