Codex Alimentarius – ‘The Infinite Growth Paradigm vs Finite Resources Mk 2’ EP review

Band: Codex Alimentarius
EP: The Infinite Growth Paradigm vs Finite Resources Mk 2
Release Date: 1st June, 2017
Label: Self Released



Review by John

Until recently, Codex Alimentarius were a band who had largely passed me by.  My first thoughts upon firing up ‘The Infinite Growth Paradigm vs Finite Resources Mk 2’ was simply “what took me so long?”

From the very first seconds of ‘Baptised’, Codex Alimentarius take you on a journey of what can only be described as insane progressive metal genius.
Featuring face melting riffs as power metal meets death growls at a classical music recital, ‘Baptised’ immediately lays down a marker, and forces you to sit up and take notice.
Things get somehow heavier on ‘Collapse’, but even then the band refuse to take the track in the direction you expect. While straight up metal would appear to be on the menu, from nowhere we are treated to a dessert trolley of both folk metal influences and some more power metalesque guitars. It’s on ‘Collapse’ that you first realise that the band have three guitarists for very good reason.
‘Good Slaves’ throws syths into the heady mix for an initially more laid back number, before the pounding rhythm kicks in fully and assaults your senses from every angle.
The stand out track on the EP is the epic ‘No Return’.  With the classical influences brought to the fore, and the band seemingly throwing everything in their arsenal at it, it’s a track that almost defies categorisation.  With snarling vocals (the line “Will the wicked inherit the Earth” being horrifyingly pertinent right now) married to music that manages to be both brain cryshingly heavy and ethereally beautiful at the same time, the temptation is to skip back and listen all over again. But if you did that, then you’d risk missing out on another two tracks of unparalleled quality.
‘Symbiosis’ slows the pace a little, giving the listener a brief chance to catch their breath again after ‘No Return’. With a more old school feel in places, it ably rises to the difficult task of following what has gone before.
‘Arise’ is left to round things off in style as it seemingly adds Eastern influences to a melting pot already full to the brim with creativity and originality.

And creativity and originality are very much the keywords here. It’s not often that I hear something so heavy that also challenges me to listen.  With repeated plays leading to me discovering things I’d previously missed, it’s a release that not only demands you to listen again, it goes ahead and rewards you for it.
If, like me, you have been hitherto unaware of Codex Alimentarius, then you have been missing out on something very special indeed.
So jump aboard, and strap yourself in for the ride of your life.




Track Listing:
1. Baptised
2. Collapse
3. Good Slaves
4. No Return
5. Symbiosis
6. Arise

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