Carnifex – ‘Bury Me In Blasphemy’ EP review

Band: Carnifex
EP: Bury Me In Blasphemy
Release Date: 7th December
Label: Nuclear Blast



Review by Sean 

I’ve dabbled with Carnifex here and there. Never really gone so far as to get fully into them, but I’ve liked what bits I heard. So I was given a chance to review their new EP, and decided to take it.
Its an interesting one to say the least; One original track, two covers, one of which is also remixed. What do they sound like?
Well as they say in one of my favourite fictional TV shows, “Let’s Find Out!”

We kick off with the original song, a visceral, pounding track, also title track, ‘Bury Me In Blasphemy’.
I have to say, I quite enjoy the symphonic elements to it. Very Dimmu Borgir. It’s a good track, and something I hope there’s more of on their next full release. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the video for this song.
Next is the Nine Inch Nails cover, ‘Head Like A Hole’.
As covers go it’s certainly … something. There’s touches of the original, but with the obvious differences that come with a band like Carnifex. I like this cover, but it’s not a patch on the original.
Next, to ‘The Heretic Anthem’.
This is one I was interested in before reviewing, as I’m partial to a bit of Slipknot. And do they do it justice? I mean, it’s Slipknot, basically, but quicker and more guttural. Did get me wanting to listen to more Slipknot though, so there’s that. But still, good cover, would listen again.
Lastly, a remix of their NIN cover. Now, normally, if I see the word “remix” attached to a song, I avoid it, and this doesn’treally change my mind. They remixed their cover, and, yeah. Didn’t need to be on the EP, as far as I’m concerned, but ah well.

So all in all, a pretty good original, a decent cover of NIN, a good cover of Slipknot, and a missable remix.




Track Listing:
1. Bury Me In Blasphemy
2. Head Like A Hole (NINE INCH NAILS cover)
3. The Heretic Anthem (SLIPKNOT cover)
4. Head Like A Hole (GOST remix)

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