Cannibal Corpse – ‘Red Before Black’ album review

Band: Cannibal Corpse
Album: Red Before Black
Release Date: 3rd November, 2017
Label: Metal Blade



Review by John

It’s natural to expect that, when a band is releasing the 14th album of a near 30 year career, the rot will have started to set in a little bit.  Things will start to stagnate as they go through the motions, and it all sounds just a little formulaic and by the numbers.
Which is why it comes as no small surprise that, at this stage of their career, Buffalo’s goriest deathmongers have released one of their best albums yet.

Right from the opening riffs of ‘Only One Will Die’, the album throws everything in the Cannibal Corpse arsenal straight at your face and refuses to compromise.  Hammering along at a breakneck pace, and with every member of the band bringing their absolute A-game, it’s a bold move to open with a track this good, as it sets an extremely high bar for the rest of the album to live up to.
Yet Cannibal Corpse are more than up to the task, as they offer up track after track of epic, gore soaked death metal.

While their overall sound may have become more polished over the years, there is certainly no compromise when it comes to their overall brutality, with tracks such as ‘Head Shoveled Off’, ‘Hideous Ichor’ and ‘Scavenger Consuming Death’ bringing both the furious power and blood drenched lyrical content you have come to expect from the band.
Musically, the band are at the peak of their career, even throwing in some almost doom like influences on ‘Remaimed’ and sprinkling a touch of groove into the mix with‘Firestorm Vengeance’.
Title track ‘Red Before Black’ is a no holds barred aural assault full of twists and turns and, contends with the thrashier sound of ‘In The Midst Of Ruin’ for the title of stand out track.
Vocally, frontman George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher has rarely sounded better, and the album contains more riffs and pounding blast beats than you can shake a blood splattered pointy stick at.
Across 12 tracks, the album manages to remain fresh and interesting, and never lets up or starts to flag.

In a genre crammed to the rafters with identikit cut and paste bands, Cannibal Corpse have always done enough to stand out from the crowd.  With ‘Red Before Black’, they are not only standing out from the crowd, but are comfortably several laps ahead of it.

A late contender in the album of the year stakes, for fans of brutal, angry death metal this is an absolute must have.




Track Listing:
01. Only One Will Die
02. Red Before Black
03. Code Of The Slashers
04. Shedding My Human Skin
05. Remaimed
06. Firestorm Vengeance
07. Heads Shoveled Off
08. Corpus Delicti
09. Scavenger Consuming Death
10. In The Midst Of Ruin
11. Destroyed Without A Trace
12. Hideous Ichor


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