Bong Cauldron – ‘Binge’ album review

Band: Bong Cauldron
Album: Binge
Release Date: 30 November, 2017
Label: APF Records



Review by John

It’s fair to say that, when you are about to listen to an album by a band called “Bong Cauldron”, you have a reasonable idea of what to expect.
Suffice to say, there are no surprises to be found on their debut album, as the band fire off eight lovingly crafted slabs of sludgy, stoner tinged doom metal that will form the ideal soundtrack to any traditional family Christmas.

Right from the screamy, fuzzed up opening of ‘Devil’, an epically heavy cacophony of fury and distortion with a surprising amount of groove, ‘Binge’ delivers on every level.
Coming across as the bastard son of Conan and Fu Manchu, it immediately makes you sit up and take notice, especially during the catchy change of pace during the mid section.‘Bury Your Axe In The Crania Of Lesser Men’ is a slowed down slice of pure doomy filth, underpinned by some excellent musicianship, while ’68’ is surprisingly rocky as it chugs along, before the dual vocals rip apart your expectations of where it’s heading.  If Motorhead did doom it would sound not a million miles away from this.

Title track ‘Binge’ is a beautifully crafted stoner rock gem with an atmospheric second half leading nicely into the epic assault of album highlight ‘Bigfoot Reigns’.  Opening as a frantic doomy rocker which again has undertones of Conan (perhaps understandable as the album was recorded at Skyhammer under the watchful eye of Chris Fielding), the song throws the listener a curveball as it drops down the gears into a full on doom laden dirge, packed with sludgy riffs and dripping with atmosphere.
After that, ‘Hopeless’ is more straightforward, but with some killer riffs it does a good job of keeping up the momentum as the album heads towards a climax.
The pace picks up for the final two tracks, ‘Toxic Boglin’ (a down and dirty rocker) and the breakneck metal sound of closer ‘Yorkshire Born’, which gets the head banging away one last time.

Overall, ‘Binge’ is as solid a debut as you could ask for, and ensures that, as 2017 draws to a close, the year ends on the highest of notes.




Track Listing:
1. Devil
2. Bury Your Axe In The Crania Of Lesser Men
3. 68
4. Binge
5. Bigfoot Reigns
6. Hopeless
7. Toxic Boglin
8. Yorkshire Born



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