Blood Oath – ‘Kingdom Of Dead Souls’ album review

Band: Blood Oath
Album: Kingdom Of Dead Souls
Release Date: 21st July, 2017
Label: Self Released



Review by John

It’s been quite a few months for Leicester metallers Blood Oath.  Released just before their performance on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock (itself a result of their storming victory in the Metal 2 The Masses final at Uprising in Leicester), ‘Kingdom Of Dead Souls’ has a lot to live up to. And, on the whole, it does.

‘Fire and Fury’ is an aptly titled opener, coming at you full force with riffs to rattle your brain and venomous lyrics snarled straight into your face.  Throw in a slowed down mid section which culminates in some impressive soloing and it’s a nice way to start.
Across the eight tracks, Blood Oath fashion out some powerful metal anthems designed to get fists pumping and heads banging.
There’s a nice balance across the album, with thrashier numbers such as ‘Walking Corpse’ and the utterly insanely breakneck ‘Choke (The Curse Of Medusa)’ standing alongside slower paced, almost doomlike offerings ‘Beckoning The Black’ and title track ‘Kingdom Of Dead Souls’.
Throw into the mix the infectious, pummelling assault of ‘Global Dystopia’, the brutal call to arms that is ‘Ashen Skies’ (a track which seems perfect for the live arena), and frantic closer ‘Salt The Wound’ (with its mid song fists in the air singalong)and you have an album that exudes quality from start to finish.

While Blood Oath aren’t doing anything truly original, what they are doing is done with style and a clear love for the genre, and ‘Kingdom Of Dead Souls’ is an impressive debut.
Blending elements of thrash, death, classic metal and even the odd black metal flourish, ‘Kindom Of Dead Souls’ comes across as a slightly more subtle Amon Amarth, but with infinitely better tunes. On the evidence of their debut, Blood Oath are definitely a band who you will likely be hearing a lot of in the future.





Track Listing:
1. Fury and Fire
2. Ashen Skies
3. Kingdom of Dead Souls
4. Walking Corpse
5. Choke (The Curse Of Medusa)
6. Global Dystopia
7. Beckoning The Black
8. Salt the Wound


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