Best of 2016 – Sean’s Choice

Site founder Sean brings us his end of year round-up.





Best Album

I’m picking two here. One that’s what you’d call a AAA release, and the other that’s an underground one.
My AAA album can only be one album, and it’s Alter Bridge. ‘The Last Hero’ is quite simply the finest album ever crafted, and I’m gonna go ahead and pencil it in as my album of the year for next year as well, because the bar has been raised to outer fucking space with this one.
As for the underground one, its Primitai’s ‘Night Brings Insanity’. Flawless from start to finish, an album that shows their intent. This band deserves mainstream success, before any other band out there. Fact.

Best EP

It was a late one, but Spreading the Disease came out with ‘Viral’, an EP that was just pure anger, and I loved it. Fast, brutal, unrelenting. Go check it out.

Best Game

I’m tempted to make this a toss up between Doom or Mafia III, but, in the end, it comes down to Tom Clancy’s The Division.
I loved it so much, I didn’t want to play anything else, and it was just about better than the other two games. All three deserve it, The Division wins it. Just.

Looking forward to…

Iced Earth have an album/tour coming, there’s a new Tom Clancy game coming, and all the gigs I’ve got coming.

And now for something completely different…

Magenta isn’t actually real. I discovered that today.

And a final word…

Fuck it, lets get drunk.