Attic Theory at Liverpool Horror Fest

Invited along to watch the band perform, Hez decided to write down her thoughts…
not so much a review but the ramblings of a twisted mind.

Liverpool Horror Festival 2018 was an all day affair from midday until midnight, run by Liverpool Horror Club.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend most of the event, so am unable to review it, so I will just tell you a little about what was on offer there.


Divided into two sections the first was family-friendly, with the evening being reserved for a mature (or at least older) audience.
Included were panels with special guests and industry experts, a horror market complete with mini bookstore, and a video game area featuring scary games.

Guests included:
– Laurence Harvey (Human Centipede 2 & 3)
– Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser, Nightbreed)
– Graham Humphreys (artistic maestro)
Ramsey Campbell was also supposed to be in attendance, as evidenced on the posters but sadly cancelled for unspecified reasons (we hope he is well).


Between the two segments was the interval, with a showing of ‘Terrifier’, a full length spin off from cult movie ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ featuring the character of Art the Clown.
The next segment included an improv comedy gang, burlesque and poledancing performances, and was all compered by Nana Funk. Think Mrs Brown on acid and you may be getting towards her style.
I may never recover from the sight of her attempting to fit a badger (Attic Theory drummer Dave) up her nose, and when failing that, somewhere else.
I shall leave the rest to your imagination….


Then came the music starting with punk band ‘Shit the Bed’ (I shit you not that’s their name).
Having apparently not played a gig in 12 years, this was proper old-school hardcore punk, not the mainstream watered down version we see mostly.

Chairs were moved as audience members decide to get up and dance adding to the whole DIY feel.
During the set a special guest appears in the form of Death, complete with his scythe. But wait, who is that behind him? Racing past the stage dark one is pursued by none other than Jason and his trusty machete.
A few minutes later however the tables are turned as the Grim Reaper chases the masked one back across the room and off into the shadows.
What the hell was that all about?

Well we find that out when Attic Theory take the stage – in full glorious costume.
With Freddie Kruger (or is that Cobain?), Hannibal Lecter, Jason and Death it is a terrifying group that descends on the stage.
But wait? Who is this with them?
It’s the obligatory random tart that appears in almost every horror movie wearing very little…. sorry guys, she also happens to be a bearded drummer called Dave.

Performing a mixture of their own original material, and a variety of cover songs the band really does have something for everyone.
A bit of Stone Temple Pilots? No problem, ‘Interstate Love Song’ is just what you need. In fact it goes down so well we also get  ‘Sex Type Thing’ as well.
But that’s not enough so we get some Roxette thrown in… wait.. what? yes… Roxette!

It all goes amazingly well until we are treated to an rather unrehearsed rendition of ‘Sweet Transvestite’, where someone (mentioning no names but pointing at vocalist Lewis) forgot the words. However the whole thing was carried along by the rest of the band and the whole thing ended up being absolutely hilarious.

A few more original songs follow, and the audience is still dancing, but sadly the event has over run and so it comes to an end.
Whilst this review may not sound the best, for the event this was the perfect performance. Casual enough to appeal to the crowd, yet with music to please even the critics amongst us.
I can only say check out Attic Theory – it is a name that I think you will be seeing a lot of.

Next year I hope to be able to attend the entire event and recommend anyone with an interest in horror – be it movies or books – to attend.
You can find Liverpool Horror Club on Facebook to see what other events they have.

Written by Hez