Abhorrent Decimation – ‘The Pardoner’ album review

Band: Abhorrent Decimation
Album: The Pardoner
Release Date: 28th July, 2017
Label: Prosthetic Records



Review by John


After gaining a certain amount of notoriety last year following a mix up involving a printing plant and a 70s entertainer, Abhorrent Decimation are back with the follow up to 2015’s solid offering ‘Miasmic Mutation’.

From the moment the haunting piano intro to ‘Soothsayer’ erupts into a frantic cacophony of noise, it becomes clear that Abhorrent Decimation are taking no prisoners on their sophomore effort.
The album is less immediately accessible than its predecessor, and is all the better for it. Led by some intense shredding from new guitarist Ross McLennan, ‘The Pardoner’ is an epic slab of outright technical death metal brutality.With each track flowing effortlessly into the next, the album, which is loosely based on Chaucer’s Pardoner’s Tale, is one that cannot be dipped in and out of at leisure, and needs to be listened to in its entirety.

As vocalist Ashley Scott screams from the very depths of his soul on tracks such as ‘Heretic Sacrifice’, an absolute behemoth of a track that is an uninterrupted barrage of pure furious riffing, you are left in no doubt that this is another front-runner for album of the year.
Tracks such as ‘Granted Indulgence’, a “slower” (but by no means “slow”) effort and the utter shredfest that is ‘Conspire’ show a massive leap forward in the band’s sound since their debut, and are a clear indicator of their future potential, while ‘The Scythe in The Dark’ is a brief but impressive lesson to many bands out there into just what death metal should sound like.
The band sign off with epic closer ‘The Pardoner’, and the title track takes the very best of what has gone before adds in some almost orchestral harmonics and delivers possibly the outright best slab of pure unadulterated technical metal of 2017.
As the album ends with an ethereal strings and piano led outro, the listener finally has time to appreciate just how high the albums quality is. There’s a beautifully Gothic feel throughout that is perfectly in tune with the subject matter.

The second album is always a significant step for any band, and on the evidence here, Abhorrent Decimation are about to take their career to the next level and beyond.
Simply put, ‘The Pardoner’ is twistedly ambitious, unnervingly brutal and downright essential.




Track Listing:
01. Soothsayer
02. Heretic Sacrifice
03. Votive Offerings
04. Granted Indulgence
05. Black Candle Gathering
06. Conspire
07. A Glass Coffin Burial
08. The Scythe In The Dark
09. Host
10. The Pardoner

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